HD-Audio Challenge II: Listening Approaches

Fixing a Hole Where the Rains Gets In Happy Thanksgiving! As I sit here is Southern California, it’s pouring rain outside. I know that many — if not most — the rest of the country is [...]

The HD-Audio Challenge II

A Little Wildfire Drama Just about every place one might choose to live, there’s a chance that mother nature will bring some sort of natural disaster to bear. At 2:30 am this morning my iPhone started [...]

The Hi-Res Challenge – We Have A Winner!

I’m thrilled that so many audio enthusiasts have expressed an interest in taking the High-Resolution Challenge. At last count, I’ve supplied the FTP credentials to over 300 interested readers. And I’ve started receiving responses. I’m not [...]

The High-Resolution Audio Challenge

Recent posts have challenged previous studies trying to establish whether high-resolution audio is perceptible. There’s also a lot of conversation about the same topic on a closed professional audio engineering list I belong to. I found [...]

Sonoma Master Series – ONE

I made an investment in music and musicians today. A reader alerted me to the first audiophile release from PS Audio’s collaborative recording project with Steven Vidaic of Immersive Records and Gus Skinas of Boulder’s Super [...]

Two Contrasting Views of an HD-Audio File

Some days the dog bites you and some days you bit the dog! The new iTrax – Sprint Ultra HD-Audio Sampler has been downloaded many hundreds of times over the past week. I’m thankful that there [...]

Sorting Out HiRes Sample Tracks

If you’re trying to show off a new piece of hardware or confirm that high-resolution music is “not irrelevant”, what source material should you use? Imagine you work at a high-end audio shop or even at [...]