Fidelity vs. Sound: Which Is Better?

During the recent T.H.E. Show I told several attendees that I intended to write a post comparing fidelity vs. sound. They are not the same thing. The background for this post comes from a variety of [...]

Make My Day

I have my up days and my down days when it comes to thinking about high-resolution audio and place in it. The disappointment of not having been recognized by any of the mainstream or even lesser [...]

Conversion: Up and Down

During my recent conversation with Todd Garfinkle of MA Recordings, we chatted about his production methods and delivery formats. He’s been encouraging me to take some of my most popular recordings and convert them to vinyl [...]

Surround Mixes or Recordings

My friend and fellow label owner/engineer/producer Morten Lindberg posted a link on FB yesterday to an article on surround mixing. It highlighted a number of prominent surround mixing engineers and their approaches to producing surround music [...]

The Real Deal

Getting a positive review or actually getting a review at all is very important to a small record label. You send out lots of review copies and hope that someone will take the time to listen [...]

Naim Records

Naim is a British-based audiophile label owned by the hardware company of the same name. Founded in 1991 to develop HD-Audio content, the company has over 100 albums in its catalog in a variety of musical [...]

Linn Records

Linn Records is a British-based company that sells high-end audio equipment and produces audiophile quality recordings. Linn is an independent record label, that combines a love of music with a passion for quality. They cover everything, [...]

2L: High Definition from Norway

2L is an award-winning high-definition and surround music label founded  by producer and engineer Morten Linberg. [...]

AIX Records Offers Real HD

AIX Records was founded by Dr. Mark Waldrep in 2000 as one of the first (if not the first) high -definition audio label. [...]