AudioQuest CEO Responds

It’s hard to enjoy a weekend ski trip in beautiful Big Sky, Montana when my post about the YouTube video has caused so much consternation. The article has been viewed over 11K times at this point, [...]

Pono: They Just Can’t Help Themselves!

Pono representatives were at the California Audio Show a couple of weeks ago. I could see them just outside the ballroom where I had my two tables and on occasion I would stop by and check [...]

The Mice War

You may not know that David Chesky in addition to founding and operating HDtracks and Chesky Records is a very accomplished musician, composer, and Grammy nominee. He and I have known each other since I started [...]

James Taylor “Before This World”

James Taylor’s recent release is available in high-res (I got my download from HDtracks) and as a standard-res compact disc (Dave O’Donnell the producer and engineer of the project gave me a copy). It’s a great [...]

A First Peak at the Ponomusic Site

The month of October is already half over and Halloween is right around the corner. This is the month that Pono promised to begin sending their new players to supporters and to launch their music download [...]

Pono Says No TO DSD and DRM

Once an individual or organization launches a Kickstarter campaign, they’re allowed to update it with additional rewards and answer questions. You can only ask a question if you have supported the effort. I looked at the [...]

Linn Asks, “What is a Studio Master?”

I had planned to write about a new analog tape machine from Sonorus but a reader comment changed my mind. You can read Dave’s comment and my response at the bottom of the article called “Who’s [...]

Why Pretend?

The emerging awareness of High Resolution Audio and its commercialization are headed for rough waters if the providers of “so-called” high-res audio downloads don’t start coming clean about what they’re offering. I’m seriously worried that the [...]

iTrax: New Design and Functionality

iTrax, my high-resolution digital music download site, was launched in November of 2007, which makes it the very first hi-res audio download site. AIX Records was founded in 2000 and was among the first high-definition audio [...]

HRA Gets Another Shot

It didn’t come as a surprise when Sony announced some very exciting new hardware and a new website that is focused on high-resolution audio (HRA) last Wednesday at the Time Warner Building in New York. It [...]