May, 2014

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach Day 1

The day started early. I had scheduled an appointment with the HVAC service guy at 7 am, had yet to pack up all of the equipment and software that I needed for the show, author yesterday’s [...]

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach

I drove to the Hilton Hotel yesterday to check out my space and get a first view of the setup. As I entered the hotel, there were lots of fancy exotic cars parked under canopies. I [...]

Aliasing: Friend or Foe?

Yesterday, I explained that analog to digital conversion using PCM requires the use of a Low Pass Filter to remove any frequency higher than the Nyquist frequency, which is exactly half of the sampling rate. Bad [...]

Aliasing and Foldover: A Primer

Have you heard of “aliasing” or “foldover”? In a nutshell, these terms describe another potential problem area for PCM digital audio. We’ve talked about quantization noise and jitter in the past but I don’t think that [...]

DXD: PCM at 352.8 and 24-bits?

I was sitting at the breakfast table this morning and reading the most recent issue of Mix magazine, one of the premier magazines for audio professionals. It’s a slick magazine now but I can remember reading [...]

Bits and Beyond

Azithromycin is the new generation antibiotic. I found Azithromycin online for a child in the form of 250 mg Zithromax tablet. I made a mistake on the chart that I posted the other day. And thanks to a reader, I was able to quickly fix it and update the chart. It was in the piece I wrote [...]

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach: AIX’s Plans

This is Memorial Day weekend. It’s the official start of summer (sorry to my readers in Australia). While everyone is out at the beach or taking their kids to the latest summer blockbuster, I’ve been moving [...]

Pushing Back

How do we measure fidelity? Of course, we all like to think we know it when we hear it, right? And some of us…my self included…like to validate our ears with some science. I like to [...]

iOS 8: Apple’s Upgrade to HD-Audio?

The ground continues to rumble under the impression that Apple is readying a move to “high-resolution audio” downloads through the iTunes store. And according to music blogger Robert Hutton (I hadn’t been aware of Mr. Hutton [...]

Sorting Out HiRes Sample Tracks

If you’re trying to show off a new piece of hardware or confirm that high-resolution music is “not irrelevant”, what source material should you use? Imagine you work at a high-end audio shop or even at [...]