: ' Ultra High Resolution Audio'

Jackshit The Band at McCabe’s

Yesterday was long. I got up early to participate in the Roadrunners LA Marathon training run (the race will happen on Valentine’s Day this…hopefully it will be cooler than the last couple of years). By this [...]

Discovering New Music That Sounds Good!

Finding good music that also sounds good can be a challenge. Let’s forget about high-resolution for the moment and just consider the issue of connecting with an artist or a piece of music. It used to [...]

The Audiophile Gala 2015

I debated whether to attend the Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society annual holiday gala today. I’m a lifetime member and have participated in the gala for the past 5-6 years. Like many other hardware [...]

Tale of the Tape: More Myths & Misunderstanding

What do you think when you read this from the Wired piece on the J-Corder repurposed Technics reel to reel machines? “This modded R2R sounds so good it’s used in professional recording studios. Whether listening to [...]

Tale of the Tape: Making Analog Tape Copies of CDs

There’s a review at Wired written by Rene Chun titled “Review: J-Corder – Sub Title: Tale of the Tape.” You can read it by clicking here. I’m not a regular reader of Wired magazine these days [...]

Music and Audio Guide: First Rewards Update

The holiday weekend is almost over and I’m glad. Of course, it’s wonderful to have our daughter home from San Francisco and spend some time with our oldest son and his lady friend, but the Thanksgiving [...]

The Best Wireless Speaker In The World?

You can’t have missed the assault on audiophile websites, Facebook pages, and sponsored posts. I’m talking about the Devialet Phantom wireless speaker, of course. Is this more marketing spin or is there something to this very [...]

What Is A Hi-Res Remaster?

Presentation, marketing, style, slick photos, and turning a clever phrase really do rule the audiophile marketplace. On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday (and I wish you all a very pleasant one!), I’m mulling over a [...]

New Studios At AIX

I’m staring down a very daunting task. In the next week or so, I have to clear out of the room that holds all of my records, my fulfillment area, my wife’s order desk area, and [...]

Christian Jacob – Analog Part II

I messed up. As hard as it is to admit it, I screwed up a couple of the copies of Christian Jacob’s “Beautiful Jazz” analog tape copies. A couple of my customers got in touch and [...]