A Long Time…

Some of you know that I’m been dealing with some serious challenges over these past 24 plus months. A flooded house, separation from my wife and family, some challenging health issues, and other struggles forced me to set this blog, my new book, and other audio related responsibilities to the side…temporarily. I apologize for the absence and hope to do better over the next several months. Life is full of unexpected turns and I’ve certainly had my share recently. But I’ll try to write more often and focus on getting the new book finished, printed and distributed soon.

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To Hi-Res or Not to Hig-Res?

It’s been just short of a month since my last post. Even in times when I remain pretty close to home, I’m still pretty busy. I managed to get my 15 year old Euphonix System 5 digital console up and running for a new studio tenant. About 4 years ago, I disassembled it and put all of the modules up in the attic area of my building after a different tenant failed to learn how to use it…

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