December, 2014

Nyquist Is Not Broken!

I’ve been following a conversation at another site for the past week or so. I’m content standing on the sidelines while a couple of authorities beat up on each other. What they’re arguing about comes down [...]

First MQA-Compatible DAC from Meridian

The new MQA technology announced by Meridian last week (see previous posts) has the potential to shake things up in the world of high-resolution digital streaming and downloading. But to enjoy the benefits of MQA (Music [...]

The LA and Orange County Audio Society Gala 2015

The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society is said to be that largest group of audiophiles in the country. The very able and affable Bob Levi runs the society. It’s Bob’s baby. He’s been the [...]

Refining the Meridian Graphic

I was in a bit a hurry yesterday when I remade the Meridian MQA graphic showing “convenience” vs. “quality”. I simply copied their background grid and placed a new assessment in the middle of the boxes. [...]

Meridian MQA Update

I heard from Robert Stuart of Meridian via email today. He sent a very nice note offering to provide additional information about Meridian’s new MQA technology AND to come by and demo the technology on his [...]

Meridian’s MQA: Swapping Rectangles for Triangles

You can call if what you want, but the new technology that Meridian announced last week is a data reduction technique that requires both encoding and decoding. In Robert Stuart’s AES paper he uses the term [...]

MQA: The Day After

Here’s what Robert Stuart said about MQA at the end of the YouTube video introducing the technology: “MQA is a revolutionary new British technology that allows us to capture the nuance and all of the detail [...]

MQA: Meridian Delivers New Format

I hinted at the coming announcement from high-end equipment manufacturer in yesterday’s post. Today, the veil has been removed and we’re learning more about what MQA is. First, there’s the acronym. It stands for Master Quality [...]

Music Will Never Be The Same Again

This headline is is front and center at the Meridian sponsored website Music Is Changing. I received a note from a reader today (thanks very much for the info) about a big announcement that will be [...]

Help Get Me To CES 2015

The good folks at the DEG, NARAS, and CEA are planning another HRA TechZone event at the International 2015 CES Show in Las Vegas in early January. I was very pleased to be included on a [...]