February, 2014

Same Input Means the Same Output

I worked on both the new iTrax.com site AND the new High-Resolution Audio Database (HRADB.com) this weekend. I want to thank those of your who have been willing to contribute to the database with some of [...]

There’s Music Above 20 kHz!

I use the term ultrasonic to describe the area of the audio spectrum that lies above 20 kHz. As was pointed out to by a reader in a recent comment, perhaps “ultrasonic” is an oxymoron. If [...]

Super Tweeters

A few years back I was in touch with a gentleman from La Jolla, California that was nuts about his super tweeters. Although we never managed to get together for a demonstration, he insisted that his [...]

Definition by Committee

I’m on the Audio Board of the Consumer Electronics Association’s thanks to my friendship with cable maker Ray Kimber. It’s been a very enlightening experience to hear what hardware manufacturers and cable makers are concerned about [...]

Grandioso Stolto by Esoteric

I have to thank my friend John Sunier at Audiophile Audition for alerting me to the latest products developed by Esoteric, a subsidiary of Teac Corporation. In what has become a familiar war over who’s got [...]

Surround Music Never Caught On?

The Audiophiliac, aka Steve Guttenberg, wrote an interesting piece over at cnet.com (click here to read the entire article) that in his opinion interest in surround sound is “fading fast”. While I do have a great [...]

Ultrasonics Matter…I Think

There are plenty of audio engineers and enthusiasts that are happy with the sound of the music they produce and consume. And I really do enjoy listening to Peter Gabriel or Paul Simon recordings played loud [...]

Possible Next Steps

If the business of selling high-resolution music is not as transparent as we would like it to be what can we do? I’ve already said that my own iTrax.com website is being redesigned and will deliver [...]

Who’s Responsible?

My recent experience with Qobuz and their offering of standard definition files in high-resolution bit buckets brings up a few more issues. I noticed on their website that they offer a warranty, a sort of “Studio [...]

Qobuz: Part II

According to Yves Riesel, one of the co-founders of Qobuz, my distressing assessment of the high-resolution demonstration tracks they provided when I opened an account is at least partially due to the fact that I’m “a [...]