February, 2014

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA: Lossless or Not?

Everyone has an agenda. I freely acknowledge my own. My goal through my label, my digital download site and through these daily posts is to present my own personal view of high-end audio. I’ve been at [...]

Achieving a Personal Sound

The Zenph Innovations re-performances of classic piano performances by the likes of Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson and Sergei Rachmaninoff are very compelling. Who wouldn’t want a fresh pristine, surround recording of one of their performances from [...]

Re-Performance: Resurrecting the Past

As I sat in my university office this morning, I bumped around a few websites after doing a search on high-resolution audio. It’s still rather disconcerting that so many writers are hanging on to the HRA [...]

Going Too Far With “Restoration”

Maybe you’ve heard of the “long tail”? The term was coined Wired writer Chris Anderson in 2004 and refers to the notion of “selling less of more”. With the advent of digital distribution, why shouldn’t online [...]

Restoration or Reimagining? Part I

Digging back in to the past for exceptional performances and performances is an important segment of the music downloading business. There are number of websites that have made this their central mission…to locate the best masters [...]

LJ Part II: It’s A Feel Thing

As I mentioned yesterday, our “Guitar Noir” recording by Laurence Juber has been widely recognized by fans of acoustic guitar playing as one of the reference recordings available on any format. I still use the “Mosaic” [...]

Laurence Juber: Guitarist with Wings

The best selling and most recognized recording that I’ve made in the past 15 years is “Guitar Noir” (it’s become a reference standard for guitar fidelity and won the first “Demmy Award” from the CEA for [...]

Plangent Processed Bruce Springsteen

I had the distinct pleasure of working on project with Bruce Springsteen’s engineer Toby Scott a little over a year ago. Toby (not “Tony” as the USA Today article incorrectly named him) told me about a [...]

Is it John Gorka or is it HD-Audio playback?

I think I’ve mentioned that AIX Records and a number of very high-end equipment companies will be participating in the AXPONA (audio expo North America) 2014 event to be held in Chicago from April 25-27 (see [...]

Moving 440 Hz Up and Down

Imagine you’re attending a symphony orchestra concert. The lights dim and the concertmaster emerges from the wings and stands in front of the ensemble. The oboist is given a cue to play the “tuning” note and [...]