AIX Records

Fidelity vs. Sound: Which Is Better?

During the recent T.H.E. Show I told several attendees that I intended to write a post comparing fidelity vs. sound. They are not the same thing. The background for this post comes from a variety of [...]

Make My Day

I have my up days and my down days when it comes to thinking about high-resolution audio and place in it. The disappointment of not having been recognized by any of the mainstream or even lesser [...]

The Real Deal

Getting a positive review or actually getting a review at all is very important to a small record label. You send out lots of review copies and hope that someone will take the time to listen [...]

AIX Records Offers Real HD

AIX Records was founded by Dr. Mark Waldrep in 2000 as one of the first (if not the first) high -definition audio label. [...]