September, 2014

Hypnotic Eye: Tom Petty in HD Surround Part II

On first listen, I liked the tunes. Nothing really stood out as a single but these are solid rock tunes that should satisfy Tom Petty fans. Sunday morning, Ryan stopped by the AIX Records table and [...]

Hypnotic Eye: Tom Petty in HD Surround Part I

Late on Saturday afternoon, Mike Mettler and Michal Jurewicz of Mytek introduced me to Ryan Ulyate. He’s an audio engineer/producer and recently completed work on the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Hypnotic Eye” album. This new [...]

New York Audio Show 2014

It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn yesterday morning as I walked from my Airbnb apartment to the Marriott Hotel at the Brooklyn Bridge. That was the extent of my outdoor experience because the traffic at [...]

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga and HRA

Sony Music Entertainment held a press event last evening here in New York at Avatar studios featuring Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. The purpose was to highlight Sony’s continued promotion of HRA, the introduction of their [...]

Is God in the “Digital” Details?

Nothing is what it seems anymore. The digital revolution has made it possible to falsify or misrepresent just about anything. Sure, talented photographers and analog artists have been retouching headshots and mucking around with images for [...]

Downmixing 5.1 to Stereo

The holiday record that I’m preparing for iTrax was recorded Shawn Murphy at 96 kHz/24-bits. He mixed the project to stereo at 88.2 and then downconverted to 44.1 for the CDs. The mastering was done on [...]

Tubas, Christmas, & Interleaving 5.1 WAVs

I’m working getting a new Christmas release ready for iTrax. Scott Wilkinson, the Home Theater Geek who is a brass player himself, suggested that Jim Self contact me about making a high-resolution version of his, “‘Tis [...]

The New York Audio Show 2014 Is The Weekend

The 2014 edition of the New York Audio Show is being held at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge from September 26-28…that’s this coming weekend. Once again, I’ll be loading up my Samsonite 4-wheelers and boarding [...]

Pono, Crowdfunder and Me

As one of the individuals that expressed interest in the Pono equity offering through, I filled out the forms and requested the documents from the company. I “committed” the minimum of $5000 dollars to the [...]

The Beatles on Vinyl LPs in Mono

Driving to the studio on Sunday morning means that I get to listen briefly to a couple of Beatles shows on the radio. The sound, the familiarity, and the nostalgia that accompanies the Fab Four’s music [...]