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Backers of the YARRA 3DX Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns have begun to receive their production units. As a key member of the effort to bring this product to several thousand backers, I was especially pleased to see my own two boxes sitting at my doorstep this past week. Finally! Thanks to the efforts of several key backers bringing unprecedented pressure on Comhear and its executives, the YARRA 3DX sound bars have been delivered. It was a challenge to get them to do the right thing but it seems to have paid off. At least they’ve been manufactured and delivered. It’s yet to be determined whether they meet my — and backer’s — expectations.

Unboxing the YARRA 3DX

I’ve read a few of the initial reviews and look forward to unboxing my own units, setting up the app, and checking out the included AIX Records demo DVD. There have been some good reports and others have written to me to express their disappointment. As I haven’t yet had a chance to setup one of the final production units, I’m going to reserve judgement. I can say that the prototype YARRA 3DX unit that I used for demos and had in my office for months worked very well. But I have to admit, I’ve never been able to get the app to run so there is much more to know.

A Wedding in the Family

I apologize for not responding to questions posted on the Head-Fi.org YARRA 3DX thread or other queries made directly, but my oldest son was married this past weekend and things have been a little crazy around here. Christopher and his lovely bride Florence celebrated their union on Saturday evening with lots of family and friends. Thanks to everyone who made this joyous occasion possible! Christopher is our first to find his special someone…it was a great time and we’re very happy for him. And we’re thrilled to have a new extension to our family. Chris is a VERY talented artist, musician, and writer — and is looking for his next employment opportunity in the Los Angeles entertainment industry (PM me if you might need or want an inspired young man in your organization).

The happy couple and proud parents

iTrax and Downloads

Several readers — especially international customers — have asked about downloading AIX Records albums as high-res files — the iTrax method. The site has been down for many months and my developer has stopped responding. Current plans include adding the ability to download high-resolution files to the new AIX Records website (https://www.aixrecords.dreamhosters.com/). I’m looking for a company or programmer that can add some CSS, code, and functionality to the product pages to allow files to be selected and added to the cart. If you or someone you know can be of help, please feel free to contact me.

The addition of file downloads is needed on the current WP site

In the meantime, I can send you any album or tracks using WeSendIt and Paypal. Just let me know which album/track you’re interested in and I’ll get them to you. You can write to me at mwaldrep@aixrecords.com.

AIX Records Offer with Music and Audio Book

The most recent discount for AIX Records albums ended in July. If you missed out and are looking to get a favorite AIX disc, I’m offering a FREE AIX Records album with the purchase of a physical copy of the book for readers of this blog. Simply click on the PRICING tab at the website (http://musicandaudioguide.com) and select the book and disc or book alone. Then send me a note letting me know which album you’re interested in and I will ship the book and selected disc to you without additional charge. AND I’ll also include the latest AIX Records Blu-ray sampler too…the total value of this offer is equal to the value of the book!

Pick any AIX Records album for FREE with paperback book purchase

Looking for a Manufacturing Partner/Expert

In 1982, I was a student of art at CSUN. In addition to working in the Music Department and attending grad school at UCLA, I took classes in the art department — specifically the wood shop. I thoroughly enjoyed working with wood and was recognized by the faculty as a student with real talent. In fact, my footlong recreation in wood of a Swiss army knife won a big prize in the LA Centennial art competition. I also designed and crafted a few beautiful coffee tables featuring large hand cut dovetails — and sold them. I wish I had kept one!

A Swiss Army knife made of wood – circa 1980

One assignment had the class creating a puzzle or other hand held piece fashioned from wood. I was inspired and remember the eureka moment I came up with a “hidden maze” puzzle — and I spent the entire semester figuring out how to produce it. I built a special jig to use under a milling machine and managed to complete about 10 puzzles. I’ve believed that my puzzle design was unique, compelling, and worth pursuing. I’ve searched and never seen anything like it. However as so often happens, life got in the way. As my time has become more available, I’ve seriously been investigating doing a Kickstarter campaign, attending the toy shows, and making the “Z-MAZE” available to puzzle aficionados around the world.

But I need help in figuring out how to protect the design and make them. The particular design makes it very challenging to mill them but a “live lathe” under CNC control with a right angle bit would seem to do the trick. I would also be interested in molding them for a less expensive plastic or acrylic version. I can’t proceed unless I talk to an expert and get a handle on costs, tooling, etc.

Because this group has been such a great resource in the past, I thought I would reach out once again. If you or someone you know might be able to help, please let me know. This looks to be a fun retirement project.

That’s all for now…til next time.

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