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Another weekend and another audio trade show…this time in Toronto. I’ve been attending this very well organized show for the past three years and highly recommend it. There are going to lots of rooms full of audio systems in all formats, price ranges, and demographics. Of course, I’ll be in the hallway, just like last year, hawking my latest releases and explaining high-resolution…real high-resolution…to anyone that hasn’t heard my pitch. I’ll be giving a couple of seminars as well…”2014: Is this the Year of High Resolution Audio?”

I’ve noticed a trend in the production of Audiophile Shows…there’s a lot more being presented than just audio equipment and software. The AXPONA Show included a sculpture room and Transcendental Meditation instruction. The Newport Show included exotic cars and cigars. And the TAVES people are including sessions on Bitcoin, Cutting Edge TV Technologies and Electric Cars put on by the Southern Ontario Tesla Owner’s Club. It’s almost as if there’s not enough interesting things to talk about when it comes to high-end audio. I can relate to the inclusion of IMAX history and a field trip to the local IMAX Theater but just where does Bitcoin fit into the mix?

It’ll be a very early morning tomorrow. I’m checked in on a 6:35 Southwest Airlines flight (although I screwed up and am boarding in the middle of the C group…argh!) headed for Midway in Chicago with a second leg to Buffalo. I’m meeting my good friend Todd Garfinkle, owner and chief engineer of MA Recordings. Todd and I go way back to CSU Northridge here in Southern California. We generally show up in the same cities at the same events. So this time we decided to coordinate our plans and share a rental car on the way to an Airbnb place that he and I and two other show vendors are sharing. It’s going to be a party…a Halloween Audiophile Party…at the place. I’m looking forward to it.

I noticed on the TAVES website that Todd and MA are collaborating on a free CD of some of Todd’s recordings. The first 2000 people will get a free CD compilation disc. I’ve got a quite a few of his productions and can appreciate his minimalist approach to making and ensemble performing in a naturally acoustic environment. I haven’t managed to convince him to abandon the DSD format…and I don’t think that I will. I do look forward to talking to him about how he does the post production on his titles given that he uses a KORG DSD recorder (modified by Marcel Croese of Creato Audio in Utrecht, Holland). He’s been at it a long time and has developed a rather unique style of producing great sounding records…even if they are released on CDs.

For those looking for a FREEBIE from AIX Records, please come by the tables and ask about the 18-track iTrax/SPrint Ultra High-Definition Audio Sampler. This sampler was developed in combination with Sprint last summer. It features 18 tracks in a wide variety of genres (from John Gorka to full Symphony Orchestra) recorded at 96 kHz/24-bits and mixed in stereo. I’ll make available a coupon code for TAVES Show attendees that request it. If you haven’t checked out this $11 collection of Real HD-Audio…you definitely will want to check it out.

I’ll try to report on the show as I have time. See you in Toronto.

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