9 thoughts on “The TAVES Show is this Weekend!

  • David McCullough

    Hello..I read your articles every chance I get. A real education indeed. I live in Toronto and will be attending your Friday seminar at TAVES. Will make the effort to introduce myself.
    Have a safe trip and pack warm clothing.

    If you need anything let me know.




  • Digital sound will never feature fidelity unless it will be recorded in decimal form .

  • Barry Kirby

    I have tested my hearing with a few online sources,& a high end DAC etc. At over 60 years my range is 20-15000hz. As a control ,I tested two nieces. The teenager got 20-16000 & the 12 yr old got 20 -17000. I have read that sounds above our audible range interact with those within, providing ambience. Do you agree with this? After reading one of your articles, I made up a thumbdrive set at 320 kbs ,better MP3. For a vehicle it works well. Ironically ITRAX recordings seem to suffer the most in this format. Might be loudness, or just more to lose-comments?

  • Wayne Blair

    Why is the new sampler only a stereo mix?
    You’ve made a good case for aggressive surround mixes so I’m really surprised this is only stereo.
    I’m sure you have your reasons but I’m sad to see the surround mix missing.


    • Because it was done in collaboration with Sprint. I’ll be adding the surround mixes shortly.

  • keenmond

    I got one of the sampler CD at TAVES on Friday but did not pickup the track list. Would it be possible to post it or email it to me? Many thanks

    • I don’t have that list…my friend Todd from MA Recordings prepared that sampler. I’ll ask him for a list and see if I can post it.

    • I too forgot to pick up the track list so I emailed MA Recordings and they replied late last night. Here’s their response:

      Thank you for your email and interest in MA.

      Here is the track list (Catalog Number 1st/Title/Artist):

      Track 1 M089A J. S. Bach Cello Suites Vol 2 #4 Prelude

      Track 2 M046A Senhora da Lapa/Maria Ana Bobone
      Track 3 M080A Out of Time and Country 
      Track 4 M044A Krushevo/Stefanovski-Tadic
      Track 5 M041A Staring at the Sun/Peter Epstein Quartet
      Track 6 M081A Opening/Mathias Landaeus Trio
      Track 7 M070A Llama/Ravid Goldschmidt-Silvia Perez Cruz
      Track 8 M075A Le Temple de Gout/Rubato Appassionato
      Track 9 M087A J. S. Bach Flute Sonatas/Diana Baroni
      Track 10 M084A Nama/Puente Celeste
      Track 11 M085A I am Willing/Zhang Ling Ling
      Track 12 M088A Resonance/Nima Ben David
      Track 13 M050A The Invisible/Peter Epstein Quartet
      Track 14 MAJ507 Mozart His Golden Age/Yoko Kanko – Fortepiano
      Track 15 M073A J. S. Bach Cello Suites vol 1 #1 Prelude
      Track 16 MAJ510 J. S. Bach music on Fortepiano/Yoko Kaneko

      CDs from Tracks 1 and 16 are only available at the show, or by email to MA Recordings to the following email address:


      Best Wishes

      Todd Garfinkle
      MA Recordings

      • I talked to Todd about this…glad he responded. I got a copy of the disc…I’m looking forward to hearing it.


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