3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Trade Shows: CAF Day 1

  • Great that people are buying from you – well deserved! I hope you don’t lose sales because of inventory…Can you print jewel case graphics and burn on demand using Lightscribe discs so that you can best manage supply and demand uncertainties? I realize that on-demand printing may not be the same graphic quality as other options, but if people are buying from you it would seem they are more focused on the audible aspects than nonaudible graphics.

  • dave gregory

    While I can’t say whether the Cali show was or wasn’t more “digital friendly” than CAF (I wasn’t there), I’m a bit puzzled by the characterization of CAF as vinyl-centric. Vinyl was well represented to be sure, but most rooms I went to had digital sources, and digital-only rooms seemed to outnumber vinyl-only rooms by a good ratio. CAF seemed to be “off its stride” this year, with fewer rooms, and the attendance seemed lower to me.

    Gotta hand it to the vinylites though, they keep trying, looking for that “magic bullet” (usually TT/cart/tonearm) that will “leapfrog” the format. I can enjoy vinyl playback but am no longer willing to put up with the maintenance and the rituals required to play records.

    • Dave…you’re probably right in your assessment. I didn’t get very far from the area where sales of media very taking place. It was mostly vinyl with some CDs.


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