August, 2016

I’m Radioactive!

How many people can say they’ve swallowed a radioactive pill? It’s a very strange feeling to be comfortably sitting just outside the “hot” room at the nuclear medicine basement area of the UCLA Medical Center about [...]

Summer’s Over

My summer break is officially over tomorrow when the fall semester 2016 begins at California State University, Dominguez Hills. It’s back to the classroom to welcome a new crop of eager audio students and to guide [...]

Ask Me Anything: Defining Hi-Res Audio

If you’ve visited AVS Forum, you might have noticed a couple of upcoming events focused on “Defining Hi-Res Audio”. The folks at Sony — the Q&A session will be driven by the primary advocate for hi-res [...]

Audio Fidelity Olympics?

I love the summer Olympics! I’ve been spending a bunch of time watching them from my DVR so that I can skip all of the fluff and commercials. As a track and field athlete in high [...]

Smyth Introduces the A16 Real 3D Audio Headphone Processor

Many of you know that I have one of the original Smyth Research Room Realisers (the A8) and I have offered my studio to many of the company’s customers for measurement. The device is able to [...]

Your Listening Room: Absorption

Continuing with the importance of having a proper listening room, I’d like to continue talking a little more about isolating an individual room. Last time, I talked about things that professional studio do to isolate adjacent [...]