November, 2015

Guide to Hi-Res Audio: FAQ Part II

“Why should consumers care about Hi-Res Audio?” This is the next FAQ in the CEA/CTA and Sound & Vision “Guide to Hi-Res Audio”. Again HRA refers exclusively to hardware and so it’s problematic to understand the [...]

Guide to Hi-Res Audio: FAQ Part I

It’s finally arrived and what a complete disaster it is. I’m talking about the “Guide To Hi-Res Audio”, which was conceived by the CEA Audio Board (of which I’m a member until the end of the [...]

The CEA Adopts A New Name: CTA

My time as a board member of the Consumer Electronics Association’s Audio Board will end at the end of this year. Thanks to my friend Ray Kimber, I was welcomed to the board as the first [...]

Analog Cassettes Convince Younger Demo?

As I was driving to my teaching responsibilities yesterday afternoon, I heard a piece reported by Molly Wood on an audio format that you might have thought had gone the way of the 8-track cartridge…analog cassettes. [...]

Analog Tape and Fidelity Reduction

A couple of stories involving analog tape came my way today. The first was an email ad for a digital plug in made by Izotope called “Ozone 7”, which includes a module called “vintage tape machine”. [...]

Misrepresentations in Hi-Res: Let Me Count The Ways

A good friend alerted me to a new crowd sourcing campaign at Indiegogo the other day…another one involving a line of new “high-resolution” players…for both audio and video. The people behind this effort were looking for [...]

Analog Sound Should Not Be A Goal

If you’ve read any marketing materials, attend audiophile trade shows, read forums, or listen to HiFi “experts”, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the assertion that “analog sound” is something audio engineers and producers should strive for and listeners [...]

Digital Systems…”Programming” A Loom

I’ve moved from Germany to France over the past few days for another presentation. Currently, I’m in Lyon and spent some off time today exploring the old city. This morning included, I took side trip to [...]

Curious Kickstarter Campaigns

Following the successful “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound” Kickstarter campaign, I spent a little time looking at other campaigns and learning a bit about the KS world. It surprised me that last [...]