November, 2015

Music and Audio Guide: First Rewards Update

The holiday weekend is almost over and I’m glad. Of course, it’s wonderful to have our daughter home from San Francisco and spend some time with our oldest son and his lady friend, but the Thanksgiving [...]

The Best Wireless Speaker In The World?

You can’t have missed the assault on audiophile websites, Facebook pages, and sponsored posts. I’m talking about the Devialet Phantom wireless speaker, of course. Is this more marketing spin or is there something to this very [...]

What Is A Hi-Res Remaster?

Presentation, marketing, style, slick photos, and turning a clever phrase really do rule the audiophile marketplace. On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday (and I wish you all a very pleasant one!), I’m mulling over a [...]

New Studios At AIX

I’m staring down a very daunting task. In the next week or so, I have to clear out of the room that holds all of my records, my fulfillment area, my wife’s order desk area, and [...]

Christian Jacob – Analog Part II

I messed up. As hard as it is to admit it, I screwed up a couple of the copies of Christian Jacob’s “Beautiful Jazz” analog tape copies. A couple of my customers got in touch and [...]

Why Hi-Res Audio Will Fail

Rob Sabin, editor of Sound & Vision, wrote an “Editor’s Eye” post at their website yesterday titled “Why Hi-Res Audio Will Succeed”. I’ve known Rob for a number of years. He was in attendance at the [...]

Two Ears Means Stereo, Right?

I teach an advanced audio production class at 8:30 am every Monday and Wednesday at CSU Dominguez Hills. The students are currently working on mixing a couple of tunes (one that I recorded and another of [...]

5.1 Headphones Surround

Paul Horner’s KS campaign is coming to a close. They timer on his page is now counting down in hours rather than days. He and I are very pleased that he was able to get the [...]

Sony Electronics Announces Hi-Res Audio for Cars

Sony is undoubtedly the leader in the design, manufacture, and promotion of high-resolution audio equipment. They have aggressively invested in new lines of products from music servers, headphones and speakers, to portable players. Well, now they’ve [...]

Hi-Res Download Sites Begin Adopting Hi-Res Music Logo

The continuing confusion over which terminology and logo to use when referring to the emergence of the “hi-res” market received a little clarity this week as reported by Twice’s website. Joseph Palenchar posted an article about [...]