September, 2015

Recommending Hi-Res Music

It’s really very simple. Any recording that was recorded at the time the musicians were present using equipment that doesn’t exceed “CD quality” or 16-bits of dynamic range can’t be called “hi-res music”. This includes any [...]

The No. 1 Beatles Hits in 5.1 Surround

According to various press reports, The Beatles’ best-selling #1 compilation will be reissued and expanded in November as CD+Blu-ray and CD+DVD sets featuring remixed stereo and surround sound and for the first time fully restored full [...]

Dare I Mention The Regen Again?

The past week has been filled with encouragement from friends and supporters of the Kickstarter campaign. Funding has reached almost 150% after a single week. Thanks to everyone backing the writing of the book and the [...]

A Reunion Of Sorts

I studied composition in music school and Aurelio de la Vega was my primary professor through my undergraduate education at Cal State University Northridge. This afternoon there was a celebration of his long and distinguished career [...]

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Approaches

I missed the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last year. The Audio Engineering Convention was in LA and I opted to stay home and enjoy the company of professionals like myself and hear the papers. But I’m [...]

Being Too Nice?

Here’s the content of an email I received from a very well known mastering engineer and author of several very well know books on the subject. We’ve known each other for a long time and both [...]

Old School Sound and Mixes

Robert Margouleff and I spent another couple of hours in the studio the other day listening to a variety of pop/rock commercial surround music tracks. I have a bunch of demonstration discs containing a variety of [...]

A Hi-Res Music Thursday

The Kickstarter funding goal was met just after midnight Pacific Daylight Time last night. The book and Blu-ray disc will be written and produced over the next 6 months and delivered in the spring of next [...]

Sometimes the Truth Hurts.

I can’t tell you how encouraged I am by the outpouring of support for the “Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound” Kickstarter campaign. In just the first day, many of you and lots [...]

Just Being Polite

I have to start with a big thanks to all of you that became supporters of the Kickstarter Campaign today. I gave Charlie an abbreviated trip down to the library field for his morning Frisbee session [...]