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I’ve been asked a number of times whether I would be willing to hold a series of sessions/seminars at the AIX Studios for anyone interested and available. In the past, I’ve held an open house, several release parties, and one of the monthly meetings of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society here at my facility but I’ve never really held half-day seminars about high-resolution audio. Some of you may have seen me present at one of the audio trade shows, seen the introductory video I produced for my Blu-ray sampler disc, or viewed one of the dozens of online videos on YouTube from the RMAF or other event. But here’s your chance to come to the world headquarters of AIX Records and enjoy a half-day session with me in the flesh.


The first “High-Resolution Audio Demystified” seminar will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2015 here in West Los Angeles from 10 am to 3 pm. (Depending on the interest level, I’m willing to repeat the seminar later that same day or Sunday, April 5th…I’ll have to gauge the interest level.). The event will include in depth information on high-resolution audio, an introduction to digital audio, portable high-resolution, music servers, HRA engineering techniques, analysis tools and techniques, HRA system recommendations, online and other resources, and, of course, lots of listening in both stereo and 5.1 surround. I will be playing some of my favorite tracks and treat attendees to some very special tracks from a project that I haven’t been able to release to the general public.


Figure 1 – The main control room at AIX Records

During the seminar, I’ll let you audition standard resolution and high-resolution versions of selected tracks and switch between them. Do you think you’ll be able to tell the difference? How about comparing a heavily compressed master vs. the same track without any mastering? Finally, I’d like to show attendees what difference mixing perspectives can do to open up the details of a track. Of course, I’ll be happy to answer any questions or steer the seminar to topics of particular interest.

The session will be limited to 10 participants. I want to keep the sessions small so that everyone has a chance to experience high-resolution tracks from the best seat in the studio and so that we can have an intimate, open dialog about the subject of high-resolution audio. If you haven’t had a chance to hear some of the best audio recordings ever produced, please consider spending part of your Saturday with some fellow enthusiasts and me early in April.

In addition to the educational and listening portions of the event, everyone will receive the latest AIX Records High-Resolution Audio Blu-ray Sampler disc (if you already have this sampler, you can select another AIX product) and another AIX Records release of your choice (Blu-ray or DVD-Audio/Video…retail value of $65). Additional AIX Records releases will be discounted 50% and remember that any physical purchase includes the high-resolution digital files as well. There will be a printed session guide for each attendee as well. The cost of the “High-Resolution Audio Demystified ” seminar is $200. To reserve your place at this unique event, you can use pay by credit card or PayPal (mwaldrep@aixmediagroup.com). Lunch and soft drinks will be served.

I haven’t opened up the AIX Records studio in a very long time. But the number of requests that I get from customers and readers to visit my studio has grown over the past couple of years since I started writing my daily posts. It’s time I opened the doors and shared some face time with those of you that want to learn about and listen to real high-resolution audio.

Feel free to contact me via email mwaldrep@aixmediagroup.com or by cell phone (213-718-7336) to reserve your spot. I can take your credit card information over the phone. I look forward to seeing you in April. Please feel free to share this opportunity with your audiophile friends.

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About Author


Mark Waldrep, aka Dr. AIX, has been producing and engineering music for over 40 years. He learned electronics as a teenager from his HAM radio father while learning to play the guitar. Mark received the first doctorate in music composition from UCLA in 1986 for a "binaural" electronic music composition. Other advanced degrees include an MS in computer science, an MFA/MA in music, BM in music and a BA in art. As an engineer and producer, Mark has worked on projects for the Rolling Stones, 311, Tool, KISS, Blink 182, Blues Traveler, Britney Spears, the San Francisco Symphony, The Dover Quartet, Willie Nelson, Paul Williams, The Allman Brothers, Bad Company and many more. Dr. Waldrep has been an innovator when it comes to multimedia and music. He created the first enhanced CDs in the 90s, the first DVD-Videos released in the U.S., the first web-connected DVD, the first DVD-Audio title, the first music Blu-ray disc and the first 3D Music Album. Additionally, he launched the first High Definition Music Download site in 2007 called iTrax.com. A frequency speaker at audio events, author of numerous articles, Dr. Waldrep is currently writing a book on the production and reproduction of high-end music called, "High-End Audio: A Practical Guide to Production and Playback". The book should be completed in the fall of 2013.

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  1. I’d love to come, but the distance from Denmark to LA unfortunately makes it impossible for me.

    I wish all the happy participants a very pleasant day with Mark!
    And I would love to read about it afterwards.
    Would it be possible to make some video clips from the seminar – for those, who can’t be there?

    • I’ll see what I can do…the book will certainly be coming out asap.

      • You’re not toying with us now are you Mark? I’m diving into a sound room build which will include ripping things down to the studs! It would be nice to avoid some obvious mistakes and a book or video session might be just what the Dr. ordered.

  2. Kind offer Mark. Perhaps the “experts” will oblige you as well. Do tell. I am equally interested in the way your room is treated and why. A synopsis will be forthcoming, I am sure, so here’s a thank you !

  3. Couldn’t make the trip from FL but the video would be interesting, and the book too.

  4. Hi Mark,

    As getting to Los Angeles is quite expensive from the UK, would you be able to do another session in say September, which would allow me time to get the finances resolved to be able to come over?

    For me as a humble consumer, this sort of insight in to audio would be invaluable, and a chance to understand the benefits of having a 5.1 system.

    Would another session be possible?

    Many thanks


    • If this first seminar at AIX is successful (and it seems that we’ll sell out the ten slots…there are four places left), then I’d be happy to repeat the event later in the year.

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