July, 2019

A Musician’s Life

My interest in music started early. I wasn’t offered piano lessons or encouraged to learn to play an instrument by my parents or through programs at school. But I did spend hours sitting in front of [...]

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio

I’ve been a huge fan of immersive audio for many years. When DVD entered the marketplace back in 1997, it was its ability to deliver 5.1 surround sound that really appealed to me. Yes, the video [...]

Made My Day

There isn’t a lot of money to be made running a small audiophile record label and I knew that when I started AIX Records back in 2000. But I proceeded anyway because I was convinced the [...]

AIX Records Site: Reborn

The AIX Records and iTrax digital music download sites have been down for many months. The machine that served both sites (and some others including this blog) couldn’t be upgraded to accommodate newer software so I [...]