February, 2015

Streaming High-Resolution Audio…Not!

ClassicsOnline.com, an online digital music download site that specializes in classical music, announced their new upgraded site will be called ClassicsOnlindHD.com and will launch in April. High-resolution classical music just inched away from downloading in favor [...]

High Resolution Audio Demystified: Session at AIX

I’ve been asked a number of times whether I would be willing to hold a series of sessions/seminars at the AIX Studios for anyone interested and available. In the past, I’ve held an open house, several [...]

I Don’t Take Requests

It’s common at audio trade shows to bring some of your favorite albums or high-resolution tracks to audition using the equipment available in various vendors’ rooms. I certainly understand the motivation. After all, there are many [...]

Another “High Resolution” Music Store

Technics entered the “high-resolution music download” business today. Like their competitor Onyko, they launched “Technics Tracks” in Germany and the United Kingdom. The site is powered by 7digital, the same digital music aggregator that is behind [...]

A | B Testing At Home

I have a beautiful studio here at AIX Records. The main room was deliberately designed to be similar to a very nice home theater. The control rooms of most professional studios are smaller than mine. It’s [...]

Setting Appropriate Expectations

High-resolution audio will never become a mainstream phenomenon. It just won’t. And it’s not because David Pogue, Seth Stevenson, and Brent Butterworth have written uninformed articles claiming that high-res recordings don’t matter or that listeners failed [...]

Audiophile Appreciation

Have you read the piece by Fred Kaplan at Slate.com defending audiophiles? Thanks to Norman Chesky for passing along a link to a very thoughtful and compelling article about our mutual passion. It’s called “I, Audiophile” [...]

A UK Advertising Standards Authority

We need this in the United States (maybe we’ve already got something similar but I’ve never seen anything like what I found relating to audio foolery)! I came across a link to a British site that [...]

Sony Gets Into Audiophile Accessories

I noticed it on the WSJ site but plenty of other audio sites picked up on the news that Sony has announced a microSD card that is engineered for sound quality. This new microSD “for Premium [...]

Some Of My Favorite Tracks…

What are your personal favorites? I get asked that question a lot whenever I’m tending my table at the audio trade shows that I attend. It’s an obvious question because the collection of albums that I’ve [...]