June, 2014

Mastering and Loudness

I didn’t get the chance to pick Bob Ludwig’s brain about what he thought of the files that I used during my demonstration at the DEG, CEA, NARAS and label event at Jungle City Studios last [...]

Jungle City Studios HiRes Demo Session: Part V

David Chesky is a well known in the audiophile community. An accomplished musician, composer, successful entrepreneur (with his brother Norman) and record producer of many wonderful recordings on the Chesky label. We’ve been friends for a [...]

Jungle City Studios HiRes Demo Session: Part IV

Maybe I should apologize for the continuing analysis of the events held last week at New York City’s Jungle City Studios by the DEG, CEA, NARAS and major labels but I really do think it’s worthwhile [...]

Jungle Studios HRA Demo Sessions: Part III

This is the third installment in the series of reports on the CE Week event held at Jungle City Studios on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. You can read the other posts by clicking Part I or [...]

Jungle Studios HRA Demo Sessions: Part II

The stated purpose of the event held at Jungle City Studios was to pump up awareness and knowledge about high-resolution music. The plan was to bring a number of audio engineer “top professionals” together and have [...]

Jungle Studios HRA Demo Sessions: Part I

It was a very long day in New York City yesterday. Up early to write the day’s post, an hour of editing of ten AIX Records tracks into a 9-minute “quickset” to play at the DEG, [...]

New York City: CE Week 2014 Day 1

New York City Day 1 I arrived in New York City early yesterday morning. I actually managed to sleep through most of the midnight flight from Los Angeles to Newark. Then a bus, a train, a [...]

Bass, Midrange, Treble and Trouble.

There are a lot to things that can be done to alter the ones and zeros of a digital file. We’re not quite at the point where a satellite image taken from 100 miles above the [...]

Heading to the Big Apple and HRA Demo

I’ve haven’t even begun to pack yet, the files I need to prepare are still undecided, my itinerary is somewhat confused and I just heard the place that I booked through airbnb doesn’t have any hot [...]

My Score Was 0%…a Perfect Success!

Lately, I’ve been working with Scott Wilkinson over at AVS Forum to create a quasi-meaningful test to determine whether people with very good playback systems can “perceive” the difference between a bona fide 96 kHz/24-bit track [...]