December, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Albert Lee is celebrating his 70th birthday today. That’s certainly a great reason to celebrate and wish him well on a major milestone in life. It’s not often that a musician develops and defines a unique [...]

Crowd Sourcing Update: New Rewards

Miles, the second engineer in the Astound Sound studios next door, poked his head in the door the other day and told me that Gavin Fish and the Light Harmonic people had struck gold again with [...]

Big Numbers

Marketing gurus love big numbers. I’m sure some psychologist could tell you why humans gravitate to ever-higher numbers but my guess says that we’re just wired to appreciate larger values. Of course, we want faster cars, [...]

Making Copies from Vinyl LPs to DSD & PCM

I downloaded the files that Ayre made from vinyl LPs to both DSD and PCM. I played them in my studio and they both sounded great! I haven’t had a chance to do any real analysis [...]

Another Article on DSD vs. PCM…Really?

Whenever a comment is made that references this site (in this case a link to the John Siau interview…which has now received over 5500 views!), I get a notification. Today, someone referenced the interview with John [...]

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

The new Waldrep media room is still in progress. The painting, carpet and most of the furniture are in place. Yesterday was all about installing curtain rods for the black out drapes that are needed to [...]

Nice Promo Video…Here’s a Fact Checker: Part II

Here’s the continuation of yesterday’s post: “With a sampling rate between 96 and 192 kHz” – I love this one. The only standard sampling rate “between 96 and 192 kHz” is 176.4, which isn’t one of [...]

Nice Promo Video…Here’s a Fact Checker: Part I

The marketing push for High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray is in top gear as I discovered the other day on Amazon. I wrote about the complete lack of integrity regarding these poor attempts to wrest more [...]

Listening to HD Samples

When you visit a digital music retailer (DMR), you always have the ability to audition a short sample of the music. The reason is simple. The provider of the content wants you to be able to [...]

Making Sausage in Audioland

So here it is…a detailed report on the provenance of The Rolling Stones High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray disc. I happened to notice it on a website while I was looking around for yesterday’s article on [...]