I’m Back!

It’s been a week of travel, a memorial service, too much food, 36 holes of golf, and some guitar playing. My wife and I returned Thursday from a trip to Madison, Wisconsin and a few days [...]

Sonic Blocks: A First Modular Music System

Scott Wilker, the founder and CEO of Sonic Blocks, has been a very close friend of mine for almost 20 years. Our beginnings go back to the early days of the DVD format when AIX Media [...]

A Pain In The Neck…Surprise!

Life is not all about music, audio, and struggling with the realities of high-resolution music. On Thursday of this past week, I underwent surgery to have an overactive parathyroid gland removed from my throat. I’ve never [...]

Perceptual Evaluation of HRA Study Proves Nothing!

There is small but noticeable buzz circulating among audiophile sites, FB pages of prominent audio experts, and even mainstream websites stating without reservation that high-resolution audio has been proved to be perceptible. I’ve read no fewer [...]

Acoustic Treatment For Your Listening Room: Part I

The construction of three new studios in the AIX building is almost complete. After over 6 months of work, the solid maple floors are installed, the sound proof laminated glass is in place, the door frames [...]

Wireworld Demo at Newport

I promised to report in greater detail about the demo that I experienced at the recent Newport Show provided by Wireworld. Their PR person reached out to me as an audiophile blogger and asked if I [...]

Studio vs. Home Systems: Which Provides the Artist’s Intent?

There are three new studios nearing completion at the AIX Media Group building. Today, there’s a group of craftsmen preparing to spray the wooden doorframes and tomorrow insulation and fabric will be attached to the walls. [...]

“Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen.” Part II

This post continues my discussion of the “One” music project from PS Audio. I regard the project a highly laudable effort to bring well-recorded music to the audiophile marketplace and assist the musicians, producers, and engineers. [...]

“Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen.” Part I

I suppose I should be used to being portrayed as a negative, nitpicking, uninformed misanthrope…but I’m not used to it and I don’t think my perspectives should be characterized that way. I realize that offering a [...]

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016

The Newport Show ended yesterday after four long days of pitching my wares, visiting with readers, checking out a few rooms, and lending my voice to Scott Wilkinson’s Home Theater Geek webcast on Thursday. There is [...]