I’m Radioactive!

How many people can say they’ve swallowed a radioactive pill? It’s a very strange feeling to be comfortably sitting just outside the “hot” room at the nuclear medicine basement area of the UCLA Medical Center about [...]

Summer’s Over

My summer break is officially over tomorrow when the fall semester 2016 begins at California State University, Dominguez Hills. It’s back to the classroom to welcome a new crop of eager audio students and to guide [...]

Ask Me Anything: Defining Hi-Res Audio

If you’ve visited AVS Forum, you might have noticed a couple of upcoming events focused on “Defining Hi-Res Audio”. The folks at Sony — the Q&A session will be driven by the primary advocate for hi-res [...]

Audio Fidelity Olympics?

I love the summer Olympics! I’ve been spending a bunch of time watching them from my DVR so that I can skip all of the fluff and commercials. As a track and field athlete in high [...]

Smyth Introduces the A16 Real 3D Audio Headphone Processor

Many of you know that I have one of the original Smyth Research Room Realisers (the A8) and I have offered my studio to many of the company’s customers for measurement. The device is able to [...]

Your Listening Room: Absorption

Continuing with the importance of having a proper listening room, I’d like to continue talking a little more about isolating an individual room. Last time, I talked about things that professional studio do to isolate adjacent [...]

Acoustic Treatment For Your Listening Room: Part II

A few posts back, I started talking about how important it is to have a good listening space. The acoustic characteristics of your listening environment are second only to the sound quality of the recordings that [...]

The Making of A Crowdsourcing Campaign

I’m been down in the trenches over the past week working on the campaign for Sonic Blocks. My friend Scott and his son came up with the idea for a completely modular music “ecosystem” a couple [...]

I’m Back!

It’s been a week of travel, a memorial service, too much food, 36 holes of golf, and some guitar playing. My wife and I returned Thursday from a trip to Madison, Wisconsin and a few days [...]

Sonic Blocks: A First Modular Music System

Scott Wilker, the founder and CEO of Sonic Blocks, has been a very close friend of mine for almost 20 years. Our beginnings go back to the early days of the DVD format when AIX Media [...]