Post CES Report

I returned from the 2017 CES Show on Sunday afternoon a week ago after supporting the Comhear/MyBeam demo suite in the Venetian for the three days. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many chances to escape the craziness [...]

CES Show: Day One

I drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas yesterday afternoon to get ready for the 50th anniversary CES Show. Apparently, they don’t call it the Consumer Electronics Show anymore — it’s simply the International CES Show [...]

Upgrading Fidelity: Fact or Fiction?

Is it possible to “improve” the basic audio fidelity of a recording after the fact? I know audiophiles strive to get every last bit of tone color, spatial distribution, warmth, clarity, and detail out of their [...]

A Little Help From My Friends

I finished reading and grading three stacks of final exams (130 4-page exams), listened to dozens of homework assignments, watched 40 final DVD projects, tabulated totals for every one of my students, and submitted them online [...]

Hi-Res Audio Pavilion at CES 2017

During previous CES Shows, the good folks at the CTA, DEG, and NARAS put together a Hi-Res Audio “Tech Zone” in a ballroom at the Venetian Hotel. They invited hardware and software companies to participate with [...]

Pre-Emphasis Part II

Last time, I talked about the use of pre-emphasis (and de-emphasis) in the cutting of disc masters used in the creation of vinyl LPs. The RIAA curves dramatically alters the frequency contour on both the record [...]

Pre-Emphasis: Part I

It was very busy Thanksgiving weekend at the Waldrep household. I’m ready to get back to the university and my normal schedule tomorrow. It’s always crazy with the traditional holiday feast but our family has the [...]

Sound Breaking BBC Series

The past week my local PBS station has been broadcasting an eight-episode series that explores the impact of the recording industry on modern culture. It’s called SoundBreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music and [...]

Better Records — Right Concept, Wrong Implementation

I’ve left the BetterRecords.com website open in my browser for the last several weeks with the intent to write a post about their approach to offering higher fidelity. You can check the site out for yourself [...]

Resolving High Resolution

Most of you know I’m not a believer in the sonic enhancements attributed to fancy, expensive cables. The simple fact remains that audiophiles love to argue and rant about this issue — usually from their own [...]