Analog Tape

Fidelity vs. Sound: Which Is Better?

During the recent T.H.E. Show I told several attendees that I intended to write a post comparing fidelity vs. sound. They are not the same thing. The background for this post comes from a variety of [...]

The Analog Tape Adventure

I’ve very aware of the work that Paul Stubblebine and his partners are doing at The Tape Project but I hadn’t actually seen or held any of their products. Well, I did on Saturday in the [...]

$4999 for Reel-To-Reel Analog Tape

You may have already read about some craziness going on at eBay. I’ve talked about $1000 glass CDs but $4999.99 or even $7999.99 for a reel-to-reel analog tape copy of Pink Floyd or Queen? Is anyone [...]

A Strange Path To A Rating of “10”

The production of an album can be accomplished using a lot of different approaches and techniques. The purist approach involves getting the artist/band to perform their set in the studio and a recording engineer capturing a [...]

Everyone Wants In The Club: Analog Tape II

This is the second part of a series of posts about the challenges that confront designers of analog tape machines. What is thought by a select few of passionate “reel to reelophiles” to be the ultimate [...]

Analog Tape As High-Resolution? No Way.

I’ve been working with analog tape a lot over the past month. My Nagra and Ampex 440C 1/4″ machines have been put back into action after many idle years. The Ampex was parked upstairs for over [...]

An Analog Tape vs. PCM Comparison

I know I’ve been dwelling on the session that I just finished but I feel justified because it was a very unusual production. All morning I’ve been slicing analog tape, inserting leader tape and using my [...]

Making Copies…Analog Style Part I

I’ve tried in several previous posts to establish that analog tape is NOT capable of delivering “the highest quality reproduction possible”. If by “highest reproduction possible” supporters of analog tape mean a format that can handle [...]

15 ips Analog Tape

Since when did a 50-year-old analog format become the standard bearer for state-of-the-art music recording and reproduction? I’m reading the reel-to-reel groups, attending the DSD presentations at the Newport Show and am well aware of The [...]

Studio or Venue?

I own a beautiful studio full of wonderful analog and digital equipment. I have a large mixing room with both B&W 800 Matrix III speakers in full 5.1 surround AND a JBL/Crowne powered THX certified film [...]