T.H.E. Newport Show: Day 1

I left the house at 6 am, wrote the day’s blog, packed up the car, filled the tank with gas, and drove to Irvine in rush hour traffic. The Hotel Irvine is hosting the Newport event [...]

3D Audio Follow Up

This is a continuation of the post I started a couple of days ago about the 3D Audio that I experienced in the ballroom next door to the HRA Marketplace at the recent CES 2015 event. [...]

Meridian’s MQA: Swapping Rectangles for Triangles

You can call if what you want, but the new technology that Meridian announced last week is a data reduction technique that requires both encoding and decoding. In Robert Stuart’s AES paper he uses the term [...]

MQA: Meridian Delivers New Format

I hinted at the coming announcement from high-end equipment manufacturer in yesterday’s post. Today, the veil has been removed and we’re learning more about what MQA is. First, there’s the acronym. It stands for Master Quality [...]

Tubas, Christmas, & Interleaving 5.1 WAVs

I’m working getting a new Christmas release ready for iTrax. Scott Wilkinson, the Home Theater Geek who is a brass player himself, suggested that Jim Self contact me about making a high-resolution version of his, “‘Tis [...]

4K Blu-ray Announced at IFA in Berlin

It’s been going on since the Internet first allowed the transmission of media…the struggle between downloads/streaming vs. physical media. On September 5, 2014, Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association Global Promotions Committee, announced another [...]

Science Is Folly: Empiricism Wins The Day! Part II

Yesterday, I started a discussion about the specifics of a statement made by an admitted non-engineer and non-computer geek who happens to be the founder and head of Montana-based Baetis audio, John Mingo. I wanted to [...]

Baetis Audio: Fun With The Facts Part I

I was standing at my product tables in San Francisco at the California Audio Show and one of the members of the newly formed (or reformed following the demise of the Bay Area Audio Society) SF [...]

35 Million High-Resolution Tracks..Not!

Ponomusic is planning to make available “high-resolution” audio tracks in October. Neil Young is now the CEO having replaced John Hamm a few weeks ago. John was the one who dreamed up the Kickstarter idea and [...]

Capitol Audiofest Day 1

It’s really easy to participate in an audio show when you don’t have to load in a bunch of high-end gear, unpack everything, arrange a room and get great sound to happen. I don’t set up [...]