The New York Audio Show – November 4-6

The Chester Group is presenting the New York Audio Show this coming weekend at the Park Lane Hotel. Unfortunately, AIX Records is unable to participate in what will undoubtedly be the best audio show on the [...]

“Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen.” Part II

This post continues my discussion of the “One” music project from PS Audio. I regard the project a highly laudable effort to bring well-recorded music to the audiophile marketplace and assist the musicians, producers, and engineers. [...]

“Do yourself a favor. Give it a listen.” Part I

I suppose I should be used to being portrayed as a negative, nitpicking, uninformed misanthrope…but I’m not used to it and I don’t think my perspectives should be characterized that way. I realize that offering a [...]

LA Marathon 2016 Is Tomorrow!

It’s going to be hot tomorrow! Having missed last year’s race because of pneumonia, I was confident that the weather would cooperate this year. The organizers moved the race from mid March to mid February because [...]

Music and Audio: The Blu-Ray Disc

I’ve been working on the script to the pitch video that I have to produce for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. My first draft is too long but as I read what I’m planning for the Blu-ray [...]

Vinyl LPs: Love Them Or Leave…But Get The Facts: Part I

I received an email from my friend Alan Kanter that was published in LA Weekly about the relative merits of Vinyl LPs and digital recordings…specifically CD standard stuff. The article was written by Chris Kornelis and [...]

T.H.E. Newport Show: Day 1

I left the house at 6 am, wrote the day’s blog, packed up the car, filled the tank with gas, and drove to Irvine in rush hour traffic. The Hotel Irvine is hosting the Newport event [...]

3D Audio Follow Up

This is a continuation of the post I started a couple of days ago about the 3D Audio that I experienced in the ballroom next door to the HRA Marketplace at the recent CES 2015 event. [...]

Meridian’s MQA: Swapping Rectangles for Triangles

You can call if what you want, but the new technology that Meridian announced last week is a data reduction technique that requires both encoding and decoding. In Robert Stuart’s AES paper he uses the term [...]

MQA: Meridian Delivers New Format

I hinted at the coming announcement from high-end equipment manufacturer in yesterday’s post. Today, the veil has been removed and we’re learning more about what MQA is. First, there’s the acronym. It stands for Master Quality [...]