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Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Presentation

I’m on the ICE train to Frankfurt, Germany as I write this…and I’m on the train that left Basel, Switzerland an hour after the one that I was supposed to be on. I would love to [...]

B&W The New 800s

I’ve been a fan of B&W speakers for a very long time. All of my recordings have been monitored and mixed using a matched set of B&W 801 Matrix IIIs, a very old set of speakers [...]

Hello From Zurich

That’s right, yesterday (and all night) was a travel day. The close of the Kickstarter campaign has come and gone…I watched the timer count down to zero on Wednesday morning closing out a very intense 30 [...]

Kickstarter Campaign Nears Close and A Road Trip

Until you try your own Kickstarter campaign, it’s impossible to express how crazy things can get during the different phases of a project. With only 18 hours to go, the number of backers continues to creep [...]

The Kickstarter Ride Is Almost Over

This is probably the last chance I’ll get to pitch to any hold out readers about the Kickstarter campaign for “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound”. It’s been an amazing ride. The whole [...]

Parsing Pono Speak

I was interviewed on Leo LaPorte’s “Triangulation” podcast show back in September. We talked about a variety of things including the Kickstarter campaign for the “Music and Audio” guide, high-resolution audio|music, and Pono. It was not [...]

And Hi-Res Sound Makes Three!

Yesterday I clicked on a FB link to a recent JAS meeting where Robert Stuart of MQA and Meridian had apparently just given a presentation. You may remember that the Japan Audio Society is the group [...]

The Other Side of The Nyquist/Shannon Coin

A couple of months ago, I was sitting with my youngest son in Mexico City and we started talking about digital audio. Michael received his graduate degree from MIT (I just happen to be wearing my [...]

Hard Line CD Specs

“A good recording will sound good regardless of a higher sample rate or bit depth”. This was posted in response to a short discussion over at AVS Forum in a thread that Scott Wilkinson started in [...]

Hardware vs. Software

I have a lot of FB friends that post images of high-end audio equipment on their own pages or on the pages of audiophile centric pages. These posts almost exclusively contain images of high-end equipment. Recently, [...]