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An Open Letter to Authors Investigating Hi-Res Audio

I wrote the following to Wilson Rothman, the author of the Wall Street Journal article discussed over the past few days. I’d considered drafting a note in support of his article…at least this guy had the [...]

Preserving the Past

This is the final installment of my thoughts on the article in the Wall Street Journal on “Hi-Res Audio Hijinx” by Wilson Rothman. His bottom line? “The trick is knowing that not all hi-res albums are [...]

Hi-Res Audio Hijinx: Part II

The Wall Street Journal published an article written by an avid music lover his take of high-resolution audio. And the results weren’t good news. You can read the piece called, “Hi-Res Audio Hijinx: Why Only Some [...]

Wall Street Journal Article

I don’t normally read the Wall Street Journal. However, a close friend does and he sent me a link to yet another article about the dubious nature of high-resolution audio. The article it titled, “Hi-Res Audio [...]

Immersive Audio: AES Day 3

What do you call surround sound that uses more than the usual 5.1 or 7.1 channels? Is it 3D Audio? Not according to the NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) and the AES. The new name [...]

AES Conference: Day 2

You might think that the music industry is alone in having to deal with difficulties with dynamics and loudness. It turns out that the movie guys have the same problem. In fact, it may be worse. [...]

The Future of Audio Entertainment

The Audio Engineering Society is holding its 57th International Conference in Hollywood this weekend. I hadn’t originally planned to attend (the cost is over $700) but changed my mind when I was able to get an [...]

Why Mastering Isn’t Needed In High-Res Audio

Steve Wilson is an artist and audio engineers that has contributed to a growing catalog of 5.1 surround music. He’s considered one of the strongest advocates for high-resolution, surround music and that makes him a hero [...]

Bass Management: From the Bottom Up

There was no such thing as bass management when I was putting together my first stereo system. The woofers in my Electro Voice speakers were expected to handle the low end of my vinyl LPs without [...]

Tech Talk: Panning Around

I had a series of back and forth emails with a fellow audiophile yesterday regarding the LFE levels on my calibration and alignment disc. He wrote to me and asked if I had reduced the level [...]