3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Authors Investigating Hi-Res Audio

  • bill dorsey

    Hej på dig, Mark,

    As always the people of Sweden applaud your latest blog… But — and it has been discussed several times before — I feel it so important to (re)mention that a a very good recording can be dumbed down to mp3 with good results! An obvious point that is easily glazed over or forgotten when dealing with more serious problems in properly understanding and reproducing hi-rez. The problem with your wonderful samples is that they are so well done you could run through the kitchen blender and they’d come out better than 98% of what is labeled as hi-rez::) I think this is especially important when you communicate your ideas to people with relatively open minds. Just a bit of nitpicking— but wanted to keep this angle fresh in your mind —

    The people of Sweden salute your digital truths down to the last man standing:)

    Ha det så bra,
    bill dorsey

    • I’m not happy with MP3s at the normal bandwidths and it just doesn’t seem we need compressed files any longer.

  • Mark,
    I wish you the best of all possible outcomes from this test. We know your work is absolutely the best HDA recordings available to the audiophile market today and I’m sure it’s quality will shine threw and bring the true superior sound qualities of HDA to the public eye (ear) Sometimes it takes a little time, but the cream does always raise to the top.


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