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Making the LFE Channel Go Boom

Getting extremely loud, low frequencies are the meat and potatoes of movie soundtracks. Movie directors and sound supervisors want to deliver the sonic impact of explosions, volcanoes, and earthquakes while you’re sitting in a dark room [...]

LFE: Putting The Low End To Work

The final section of the ITU specification is an Appendix to Annex 7, which we explored a few posts back. The Appendix addresses the practical application of the LFE channel and the differences between a subwoofer [...]

Sample Rate Inflation

John Siau, the head designer and principal at Benchmark, writes white papers and posts them to their site. As many of you know, I regard John to be one of the industry’s real experts and I [...]

No Change Equals Better Sound

Gary Leonard Koh is a principal at Genesis Advanced Technologies and a member of the true believers in the analog merits of digital audio. My recent discussion of replicated CDs vs. duplicated Gold CD-Rs resulted in [...]

Getting to the Bottom End of the LFE

Getting to the Bottom End of the LFE The ITU specification for using the LFE (Low Frequency Effects or Low Frequency Enhancement) is contained in Annex 7 of the document. This is Bible for both equipment [...]

LFE: From the Horses Mouth

I finally got a response from my friends at Dolby regarding the boosting of the LFE channel during the playback of movies vs. music. A product manager replied and included a copy of the ITU-R-REC-BS.775 recommendations. [...]

Illuminating CDs: A New Thread

I received a copy of an email this morning from Mark of CDIllumination, the company in Australia that is “vivifying” CDs by copying them to Gold CD-R. I wrote about the folly of this service for [...]

Loudness Nirvana?

Thanks to a reader’s recommendation, I found my way to a paper about the concept of loudness normalization written by Florian Camerer. It’s from the later part of 2010 but provides a great deal of information [...]

Loudness and Normalization

This whole loudness war issue is still among the biggest issues confronting the music industry today. And it includes to impact those of us in the business making recordings, those offering services for those making and [...]

Copy Me Stupid!

It’s a special day today…it’s the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685), my favorite composer by far. There’s just something about the linear motion of his music, the counterpoint, and the fact that his [...]