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The evaluation session we held on Labor Day was of great interest according to the stats provided by the website. Clearly, there’s a lot of interest in the Regen device and its claim of fidelity enhancement. Some readers have commented and complained that we didn’t do a rigorous A|B|X test, but that wasn’t my intention. I wanted to do two things with Russ and the Regen unit. The first was to listen to the exact same system in the studio with and without the Regen in the signal path. Frankly, I was curious. I’ve been strongly criticized by Michael over at Audiostream about my willingness to proclaim audiophile accessories “snake oil” without actually experiencing them myself.

I countered by saying there are some audiophile tweaks that simply don’t pass the smell test…at least for me. The “Teleportation Tweak”…and frankly all of the other enhancements offered by Geoff Kait (who is a self described, unabashed “snake oil” salesman)…is a prime example of something that is so ridiculous that I don’t feel compelled to spend $60 on a phone call to test it. But OK, Michael made his point. He’s a believer and I had an opportunity to test the Regen without having to invest in the box, so I stepped up. Russ and his friend from the audiophile society were very generous to supply a unit and bring some other equipment along to do what I consider a very fair and balanced evaluation.

I’ve already written the results of that listening. It certainly won’t end the debate among believers and non-believers but I’m glad that we spent the time to do what we did. Chip and Russ believe that they heard a change in the sound coming from my monitors and I heard no change at all. I mean absolutely no change…nothing. They admitted that the change was very subtle and barely noticeable. I found the box didn’t enhance the sound or make the delivery of my tracks more “musical”. Would I admit to hearing a change? Absolutely, I would. I’ve been painfully honest in all of the articles that I’ve written, I made mistakes with some facts and explanations, and had to change my opinions…I love to learn new things. But I just didn’t have the same experience as my two audiophile friends.

The second thing I wanted to do was to verify that the same data was present on the output of a USB cable and the output of the Regen box. It turns out that I didn’t need to capture the output of both systems, reverse the polarity of one against the other, and see if they nulled each other out (although they did after getting the files in my Sonic Sound Blade system!). Alex Crespi, the owner of UpTone Audio wrote to me with a number of points. The second one stated, “I can tell you right now that you will not measure any difference in the bits, and if that is, as you have stated, your only criteria for judging the efficacy of the device then you are wasting you time.” OK, the processing and refinement of the signal doesn’t contribute to the DAC getting the bits more successfully.

Continued tomorrow…

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