April, 2015

Surviving master tapes are irreplaceable. First, do no harm: Part I

The following post was written by Fred Thal and is presented as a guest editorial…enjoy. Are we squandering the last opportunity to preserve our recorded music heritage in the highest fidelity? The new transfers being done [...]

It’s All About the Money…As Usual

If you want to sell a new product or service, one of the best ways is to get celebrity endorsements. We’ve all seen famous movie stars selling diet pills or an aging rock icon pitching a [...]

Wrapping Up AXPONA: “We’ll Be Back”

It took a day but I’m back in the groove following the weekend in Chicago at the AXPONA 2015 audio show. The equipment is on its way back to opposite coasts and my suitcases are unpacked. [...]

AXPONA Day 3: “Magnificent!”

The final day of the 2015 edition of the AXPONA audio was busy and VERY long. I didn’t get back to Los Angeles until about 9:30 pm and then spent another 90 minutes creeping my way [...]

AXPONA Day 2: “Please Don’t Give Up”

Participating in a trade show can be grueling. Yesterday, the second day of the AXPONA 2015 audio show was a long one…but ultimately very gratifying as well. We stopped for big breakfast on the way to [...]

AXPONA Day One: Mission Success

What an incredible first day in Chicago at the AXPONA show. By the time, Mona and I got to the Lakeshore B Ballroom following a breakfast stop at a local iHOP, John had everything spiffed up [...]

AXPONA Setup: Chicago We Have A Problem

Sometimes the best-laid plans aren’t enough to guarantee success. Yesterday was setup day for AIX Records and my partners in the Lakeshore B Ballroom. I didn’t get the earliest start. The blog needed to be written [...]

AXPONA Setting Up State-of-the-Art

AXPONA Setting Up State-of-the-Art The sky is pure blue as I look out from the 6th floor hotel room. My wife and I and 200 pounds of luggage have arrived at the site of the AXPONA [...]

An OPPO Alternative

Lest you think all of my eggs have been carefully placed in one proverbial basket, you should know that John Siau of Benchmark offered up an alternative path to the modified OPPO BDP-103 that I’ve discussed [...]

Modifying A Component

Several people commented on yesterday’s post about the modified OPPO BDP-103 that I will be taking to Chicago for use in our demo room. They complained that I’m using a piece of equipment that is unavailable [...]