March, 2014

Everyone Wants In The Club: Analog Tape II

This is the second part of a series of posts about the challenges that confront designers of analog tape machines. What is thought by a select few of passionate “reel to reelophiles” to be the ultimate [...]

Everyone Wants In The Club: Analog Tape I

One of the members of the audio board made a brief comment during our conference call the other day that has been rumbling around in my head for a couple of days. He said, “I consider [...]

So Happy Together

The excitement generated by the Neil Young and his Pono initiative has been noticed at the major record labels, the DEG (Digital Entertainment Group), the Recording Academy (NARAS) and the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). It’s certainly [...]

A Tale of Two Masters

The final decision has been made and the louder master won…it usually does. An up and coming band, signed to an imprint label under Capitol Records has a new album that was produced in a studio [...]

Pono Says No TO DSD and DRM

Once an individual or organization launches a Kickstarter campaign, they’re allowed to update it with additional rewards and answer questions. You can only ask a question if you have supported the effort. I looked at the [...]

You Say You Want A Revolution? Hit Reset!

I received an email this morning from Neil Young. No, it wasn’t a personal email from the man himself but a form letter thanking those of us who signed on to the Pono website some many [...]

John Gorka Live at McCabes

There is a very special venue on the west side of Los Angeles, actually in Santa Monica, that is celebrating its 56th year of presenting intimate folk, singer/songwriter and guitar centric performances. The place is called [...]

A Week Of Pono

As I read more interviews with Neil Young and Pono’s CEO John Hamm AND tracked the record breaking number of people willing to shell out $400 for a one trick pony triangular high-end player, I have [...]

Pono Says High-Quality Audio Is All Wet

I’m not even going to bother heading over to the Pono Kickstarter campaign page this morning. On my drive to the studio this morning the NPR “Tech Report” by Ben Johnson already stated that they were [...]

What Do Rock Stars Hear? Selling the Pono Message

Rock Stars Can’t Hear: Selling the Pono Message The feeding frenzy behind Neil Young’s Pono Kickstarter campaign continues today. When I looked yesterday morning, there was just over $15,000 pledged…by last evening, the amount had met [...]