May, 2013

Headphones and HD-Audio

I drove south to Newport Beach yesterday to check out the setup for this weekend’s Newport Beach Audio Show. It’s become a pretty big deal spread over two hotels by the John Wayne Airport. While I [...]

The Rite: Must Hear Music

Yesterday I had intended to write about the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” or “Le Sacre du Printemps” but I got sidetracked. The time is today. For those that [...]

Real “Living Presence” Stereo

Alan Blumlein invented stereo in the 1930s. A brilliant young British engineer who was tragically killed in a plane crash, Blumlein was the first to use multiple microphones to capture the spatial spread of an ensemble. [...]

The Golden Age Is Now!

Do you really think that the best performances and the best recordings of those performances happened 50 years ago during the so-called “Golden Age” of record making? Believers of this myth cite companies like RCA Living [...]

Reverb in the Rear?

All recording include some form of reverberation. As we talked yesterday, it can be part of the sound of the performance space where the session was held, it can be added during the postproduction stage using [...]

What About Ambiance?

For the most part, music making happens in physical spaces. Sure there are lots of people creating beats and tunes completely “in the box” or in their computers using software like Abelton Live, Reason and ProTools, [...]


I got a call today from someone in the Midwest today asking about the FREE files that we make available through this site. He wanted to know how to acquire them and then how to make [...]

Benchmark’s John Siau Responds

John Siau responds to the computer audiophile community… Where does Benchmark stand on DSD vs. PCM, and why? 1. Benchmark recognizes that DSD (64x and higher) has significant advantages over 44.1/16 PCM. 2. Benchmark recognizes that [...]

Speaker Pointing

Here’s a pretty common question that should be of interest to audiophiles. When you set up your stereo or 5.1 surround speakers, should you toe the speakers in so that they are pointing directly at the [...]

Studio or Venue?

I own a beautiful studio full of wonderful analog and digital equipment. I have a large mixing room with both B&W 800 Matrix III speakers in full 5.1 surround AND a JBL/Crowne powered THX certified film [...]