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Tom Petty: HD-Audio Provenance

I purchased Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents” album from HDtracks yesterday afternoon. There is more dynamic range on these files than current releases and much more than “Hypnotic Eye” album. I’m in the midst of doing a [...]

Costing Out A Record: Part I

Maybe you think you have what it takes to be a record producer? You love music and are convinced that you’ve got the musical ear and talent necessary to create an album of great sounding, potential [...]

Tom Petty on High-Res Audio Part II

…Continued from yesterday. Of course, it opens the debate about what is and what isn’t high-resolution again. His engineer Ryan Ulyate, who’s been with Tom for a long time, was a fellow panelist at the 2015 [...]

Tom Petty Catalog Gets the Hi-Res Treatment

The email shouts, “The Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers catalog is now available in Hi-Res digital formats!” I saw the announcement this morning and a couple of people forwarded the press release and links to the [...]

The Value Proposition

During my discussions with Paul McGowan, we chatted about his PS Records effort and the slicing up of the pie amongst artist, studio, and record label. They intend to retail the new 2-disc high-resolution compilation for [...]

A Visit To PS Audio: Part IV

Yesterday, I talked about the listening session Paul McGowan and I had in his demo room in Boulder, Colorado. The sound and fidelity of his system was very impressive and I enjoyed auditioning AIX Records tracks [...]

A Visit To PS Audio: Part III

Paul McGowan and I sat in his newish demonstration room last Wednesday and listened to a variety of high-resolution source material. I admit I was anxious to hear some of my favorite 96 kHz/24-bit PCM stereo [...]

HRA Demystified Session at AIX Studios

It’s almost 6 pm and the last of the guys that opted in to the HRA Demystified session today have just left. And what a terrific time we had playing high-resolution audio from the AIX Records [...]

A Visit To PS Audio: Part II

Thanks to my very gracious host Paul McGowan carving out a couple of hours from his very busy day, I was treated to a tour of the PS Audio facilities in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday of [...]

A Visit To PS Audio: Part I

I had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours yesterday morning at PS Audio in Boulder, Colorado. Knowing that I would be in Boulder (my sister lives in Four Mile Canyon), I reached out [...]