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Cable Curiosities

Talking about audio cables is sure fire way to start a comment war. Just this past week, I spent several hours with the top executive of a major audio company in the studio for a chat [...]

All Recordings Are DSD…NOT!

The discussion over at CA also included a great deal of push back on the DSD vs. PCM debate. One of the writers presented numerous lengthy comments about how modern ADC and DAC converters operate. Recall [...]

Novice Professionals

As you all know, I read all of the comments posted on this site prior to approving them for everyone to see (I have never rejected a comment…only the spam goes to the trash). Most of [...]

Record Store Day 2015: An Elvis Project Emerges

Today is Record Store Day 2015. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the venerable and market resurgence of the vinyl LP. There’s no chance that vinyl LPs will become mainstream like they were prior to digital [...]

Fidelity Or Performance: Which Wins?

There is something absolutely entrancing about the sound of a fine instrument in the hands of a talented musician. One of the reasons that I love to record in Zipper Auditorium at the Colburn School for [...]

What Makes A Recording Great?

I’m on a short leash today. The persistent problem in my lungs that started with pneumonia back in January continues and I’m going to the hospital to have a bronchoscopy this afternoon. Basically, my pulmonary specialist [...]

Audiophile Streaming Tidal & MQA

“It’s all about the art,” says Madonna on the promotional video for TIDAL, the service owned by Jay-Z and his music industry icon friends. Baloney…it’s about money. It always is. Whether it’s the owners of the [...]

Some Pono Purchases

A writer for a major news outlet contacted me a few days ago. He was looking for information on the world of high-resolution audio and specifically about the hype about so-called “high-resolution” audio downloads. He is [...]

Another Records Company Model: Part III

The catalyst for all this talk about how records are made and the business behind them was prompted by a discussion I had recently with Paul McGowan at PS Audio. PS Audio and a couple of [...]

Behind the Record Company Curtain: Costs Part II

I believe it’s important to know a little bit about the value proposition behind the music you purchase…at least in the audiophile world. A couple of days ago, I wrote Part I about the costs associated [...]