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The Cable Controversy..Spins On

I set up an FTP site for AudioQuest and uploaded the Home Entertainment by D-Tronics video featuring David Ellington of AudioQuest (if anyone wants to download the video, please drop me an email…I’ll share the credentials [...]

AudioQuest CEO Responds

It’s hard to enjoy a weekend ski trip in beautiful Big Sky, Montana when my post about the YouTube video has caused so much consternation. The article has been viewed over 11K times at this point, [...]

NAMM 2016: Hi-Res Audio MIA

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) holds its annual trade show in Anaheim at the convention center every January. These are the folks that make or sell retail musical instruments (from tubas and violins to [...]

6000 Plus Views! AudioQuest Post Goes Viral

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years and have never had the kind of instant response as my piece revealing the fraud behind AudioQuest and their HDMI cables as represented in the YouTube video. [...]

AudioQuest HDMI Cables

If you pay attention to any of the usual audiophile sites or FB pages, you’ve probably seen the Youtube video by Home Entertainment by D-Tronics [Editor’s NOTE: This is not Home Entertainment, which is a different [...]

Into the Way Back Machine: Visiting with Neil Young in 2001

In 2001, the DVD-Audio format was the new high quality audio format of choice for Neil Young. As I was moving various boxes of aging stuff from one room to another, I came across a copy [...]

Post Number 1000…From New Jersey!

I’ve known that I was getting close to 1000 articles for a while now, which is admittedly a completely artificial milestone but seems worth noting regardless. I’m very pleased that this site seems to have established [...]

MQA: Fidelity That’s Better Than Sex?

Let’s assume that MQA delivers on its claims. According to Jason Victor Serinus’ article on the recent Stereophile.com site, the process has been used on the entire catalog of Morten Lynberg’s 2L catalog. If you’ve never [...]

The High-Res Mafia: Part III

I received a reply from Bob Katz regarding his position on being denied inclusion on HDtracks for some of his productions. Yesterday, I talked about the quality evaluations that HDtracks does to ensure that every track [...]

The High-Res Mafia: Part II

Is there a conspiracy for or against high-resolution audio and music? There are certainly a large number of interested parties that spew a lot of promotional materials in the fray regarding HRA. Maybe there’s a secret [...]