May, 2019

Highly Resolving Audio Systems: Required or Not?

It’s an easy and all to common response from high-end audio reviewers and consumer commentators that one needs to assemble an audio system of sufficient quality and expense — “a highly resolving system” — to reap [...]

Graduation Day 2019!

The Class of 2019 walked across the riser at CSU Dominguez Hills at yesterday morning at the 9 am graduation ceremony. I couldn’t be more proud of the DMA Recording Arts students that received their degrees [...]

Hi-Res Audio HAS Specifications!

My last post was about honesty in audio. And I’ve written extensively about trust and integrity in all things music and audio in previous articles. The topic is especially poignant in this age of blogs and [...]

Audio Honesty

A few days ago as I was surveying the latest posts on a familiar FB audiophile website, I responded to a post about an amazing — and very expensive — power cord with a “haha” instead [...]