September, 2014

One More Time…With Feeling

The adoption of the JAS Hi-Res Audio logo by the CEA may or may not happen. As I noted, there is just no way that the minimum specifications outlined in the JAS (originally Sony) document can [...]

The Hi-Res Logo Minimums…Again

It gets even better. Yesterday, I wrote about the JAS Hi-Res Audio logo program that the CEA is considering adopting. If they do, it seems to me that it will require a complete reexamination of the [...]

Get With The Specs…Get The Logo

During the CEA Audio Board’s strategy retreat back in June, the issue of the JAS (Japan Audio Society) adoption of Sony’s Hi-Res Audio logo was discussed. The original logo was designed by Sony and has been [...]

The Pono Explanation: Part II

I had a very pleasant phone call with the former CEO of Pono yesterday. John Hamm has been traveling a great deal since his departure from Pono, but we finally managed to connect. I knew I [...]

Another John Siau Infogram

I’ve talked about digital sampling and the advantages of 24-bits over 16-bits here in the recent past. And there have been a few pointed comments regarding some of my assertions. I try to keep myself open [...]

The Pono Explanation: Part I

Pono’s Executive Summary incorrectly identifies the “Problem” with current music delivery in the same way that Harman’s film “The Distortion of Sound”. I’d like to take today and parse a relevant part of their Executive Summary. [...]

Comparing a 320 kbps MP3 files and Redbook CD

Do you think the masses can tell the difference between CD standard fidelity and a “lossy” compressed MP3 file at 320 kbps? Or that they care? Do you think that you can tell the difference? It [...]

Pono: By The Numbers

I try to read most of the articles that focus on high-resolution audio, download and streaming, and have recently been paying attention to the all things relating to the Pono initiative. I lost my connection to [...]

Sonos and Deezer: More Fog

Sonos is probably the leading music server company in the world. This very successful Santa Barbara based company has designed and currently builds comprehensive, multi-room music playback ecosystem using the latest wireless technology. They do a [...]

The Results Are In

As many of you are aware, my friend Scott Wilkinson (the Home Theater Geek and editor in charge of AVS Forum) and I concocted a casual test to see if users equipped with high-resolution audio capable [...]