June, 2014

Random Noise

I read a lot of posts, comments, articles and audiophile blogs over the course of my week. Some are entertaining, some illuminating and other utterly ridiculous. Today I thought I would offer up a collection of [...]

I Need More Metadata, Scotty!

I can only assume that the DEG, CEA, The Recording Academy and major labels are going to “voluntarily” start using the new Master Quality “descriptors” that they outlined in their recent press release. The labels and [...]

Rescuing MP3 Files

I wanted to continue the discussion that I started the other day (click here to read it) about algorithms that attempt to “restore” the sound of an MP3 back to their original “pre-encoded” fidelity. The initial [...]

Why I think HD audio is irrelevant

The title of today’s article doesn’t actually reflect my own experience and position, but the author of a blog post with this title did alert me of his recent blog post. I was intrigued and made [...]

Upgrading Lossy Music Files

Audio researchers at Yamaha, Denon, Harman Kardon, Sony and few other companies have developed and deployed technologies that promise to sonically restore the stuff that is removed by “lossy” compression algorithms. I visited this topic a [...]

Conveying a Clear Message

I’ve still got last week’s press release from the DEG, CEA The Recording Academy┬« and all three major labels up on my computer screen. This document is the work product of many months of discussions, consultations [...]

Researching the Research

The CEA is going to do a market research project on high-resolution audio. I talked about this in a previous post (read it here). However, the previous conference call happened before the announcement/press release from The [...]

Is the HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition the World’s Best Sounding Cell Phone?

It may seem strange to post a review about a Smartphone equipped with enhanced audio capabilities on a site dedicated to high-resolution audio but trust me it’s the right time and the new HTC One M8 [...]

The DEG, CEA and Recording Academy Definition Is Public

Just a short time ago (2 pm EDT June 12, 2014), the press release on defining “high-resolution music” was made public. The title of the press release reads: “DEG, CEA The Recording Academy┬« and Major Labels [...]

Researching High-Resolution Audio

I wouldn’t have taken the time from my vacation to participate in a CEA conference call, if the call wasn’t a discussion of a study by the association on high-resolution audio. No, they’re not doing the [...]