Hi-Audio — Getting the Basics Wrong? Part II

It’s another rainy day in Southern California — time to follow up on the blog I started the other day. The first part is available at Hi-Res Audio — Getting the Basics Wrong? I was critical [...]

Nine Ways to Love (and profit from) The CD! Part I

Inspiration for these posts comes from a number of sources. I think about what to discuss during my morning walks (sometimes runs) with Charlie, the new Waldrep Border Collie puppy. And not infrequently, a reader will [...]

JVC XRCDs: A Blueprinted Compact Disc

Some of my closest friends are car nuts. In fact, my best friend loves to search out the perfect car for restoration and go for it. He’s done it with a ’65 Corvette convertible, a ’67 [...]


Compact Discs have been around since the fall of 1982 when Sony introduced their Model CD-101. The age of digital music was launched and over the next few years the advantages of CD and digital audio [...]