HD Tracks

HD Tracks

HD Tracks is a digital download website that was started by brothers David and Norman Chesky. It is one of the oldest sites offering digital music files at a variety of quality levels. They are the biggest web site currently offering higher quality downloads and have tracks from dozens of labels available including Warner Brothers, Blue Note, Universal and countless others.


One thought on “HD Tracks

  • Daniel Paraszkay

    I am looking for the highest quality copy of music for my students to hear while in my training classes. Out of the 50 or more pieces of music I play I would at least like to start collecting a uncompressed library, starting with:
    -Zarathustra’s “2001 A Space Odyssey”
    -Della Reese “Games People Play”
    -David Pomeranz “It’s in Everyone of us”
    -Luther Vandross “The Impossible Dream”

    I am asking for your support in finding these 4 pieces of music.
    Thank you


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