February, 2016

Wiring Up The New Studio

Recently, I’ve been spending most of my free time writing, creating illustrations, and laying out Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound. I can tell you that progress is painstaking but coming along. I’m [...]

Now For Something Completely Different…

It’s not that there isn’t plenty more to talk about or questions to ask with regards to Cablegate and the fantasy world that reviewers and manufacturers live in regarding expensive “do nothing” cables. But in response [...]

Misguided Guides

The “HiFi+ Guide to Cables” is a 113 page advertorial piece sponsored by Crystal Cable and Siltech with interviews with fourteen cable designers, product reviews and announcements, articles on what’s next in high-end cables, and some [...]

Circling The Wagons Around Digital Cables

When it rains it pours. I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing me talk about cables but it’s a topic that just keeps on giving. The other day I clicked over to an article [...]

The Cost of Cables

I crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon in just under 6 hours last Sunday. Not as fast as I wanted (is it ever?) but I did make it from Dodger Stadium to the Santa [...]

LA Marathon 2016 Is Tomorrow!

It’s going to be hot tomorrow! Having missed last year’s race because of pneumonia, I was confident that the weather would cooperate this year. The organizers moved the race from mid March to mid February because [...]

Truths and Lies

Making sense out of all of the claims and counter claims about cables is a waste of time. The believers will continue to believe and the skeptics will continue to challenge them. The recent YouTube video [...]

The Whole Thing Is A Fraud: High-End Cables

By Mark L. Fischer Feel free to reprint this or do whatever you like with it. This is not [...]

The Cable Controversy..Spins On

I set up an FTP site for AudioQuest and uploaded the Home Entertainment by D-Tronics video featuring David Ellington of AudioQuest (if anyone wants to download the video, please drop me an email…I’ll share the credentials [...]