July, 2015

High-Res Audio Equipment: Upgrades Needed

If listening to the high-end audio is part of what makes you tick, you may be thinking that all you need to experience high-res audio is a great DAC and a good set of headphones. I [...]

Fixing Hi-Res Audio/Music in 10 Steps

It took ten days of posts and a set up day, but the list is complete. In case you missed it, my recent posts laid out ten very easy steps that organizations, labels, download sites, and [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 10

At last we’ve arrived at the end of my list of ten things that industry organizations, record labels, download sites, and celebrities should do to enhance that chances that “high-res” audio/music will not only survive but [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 9

There are high-res proponents that believe that better audio fidelity will cause average consumers to upgrade their playback systems and the content that they play through them. I’m not one of them. High-res music will remain [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 8

High-Resolution Music needs a website. If you go looking for a central location dedicated to providing accurate information, audio demos, testimonials, tech information, interviews…minus the spin and hyperbole, you’ll have a very hard time finding a [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 7

When I first started to contemplate changing my professional focus from engineering audio projects and mastering CDs for other labels to launching my own high-resolution music label, I wasn’t too sure that the world would embrace [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 6

Having a celebrity endorse a product or champion a cause is usually a good thing. But not always. Awareness of “high-res music” among the general population didn’t really happen until Neil Young Kickstarter campaign for Pono [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 5

My preview at the end of yesterday’s post may send some of you running…certainly DSD fans. After all, how could abandoning DSD help the desperate situation that “high-res music” finds itself in? There are several reasons [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 4

How much do we want to know about an individual “hi-res” album or track? Are liner notes enough or important in deciding whether to purchase a “high-res” download or not? It probably depends on how comprehensive [...]

HRA Solutions: Step 3

There are problems with the emerging “high-res” audio/music marketplace. I think anyone in the game acknowledges that there’s push back, confusion, and other problems confronting every aspect of so-called “high-res”. I just noticed an article over [...]