January, 2015

Vinyl LPs: Love Them Or Leave…But Get The Facts: Part II

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday discussion of vinyl LPs and why they can’t match the fidelity of PCM digital. There is an article in the LA Weekly…check it out. I cringe a little bit [...]

Vinyl LPs: Love Them Or Leave…But Get The Facts: Part I

I received an email from my friend Alan Kanter that was published in LA Weekly about the relative merits of Vinyl LPs and digital recordings…specifically CD standard stuff. The article was written by Chris Kornelis and [...]

Measuring Audio Dynamics in Recordings

Musical dynamics are specified in relative terms. One passage of composition can be louder or quieter than another but that doesn’t really say how much energy is going to be delivered to the audience. However, when [...]

Capturing and Reproducing Dynamic Music

Just how loud is too loud? If you’re the bassoonist in a symphony orchestra and you’re seated right in front of the brass section, you’re going to have to get used to some very loud passages [...]

Defining Dynamic In Music and Audio

Music is comprised of five major components. Students of music learn these things in private lessons, online courses, and university classrooms. I taught music theory for a number of years and made sure that my students [...]

Picking Up Some HRA Tools

Everyone interested in high-resolution audio needs to have a set of tools in order to qualify individual tracks as high-res or not. I’ve already introduced you to Adobe Audition. It’s the audio program that I use [...]

Nick of Time: Bonnie’s Masterpiece

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Bonzai interviewed Don Was and Ed Cherney about the Grammy Winning album “Nick of Time” by Bonnie Raitt. It was released on my birthday in 1989, won three Grammys (including Album of the [...]

NAMM 2015

I skipped Charlie’s agility training class this morning and headed to the Anaheim Convention Center to attend the National Association of Music Merchants annual gathering. The NAMM is not open to the public but it seems [...]

Recording, Mixing or Mastering: Which Matters Most?

The Audiophiliac, aka Steve Guttenberg, interviewed mastering engineer Dave McNair and basically asked, “what’s the biggest factor in determining the overall sound of a recording?” over at cnet (you can read the article here). The answer [...]

Who’s Listening?

Audiophiles tend to be older. Our music preferences are distinctly different than the younger folks and our association with music is different. And we’re the ones that are in the cross hairs of the hardware and [...]