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Illuminating CDs: A New Thread

I received a copy of an email this morning from Mark of CDIllumination, the company in Australia that is “vivifying” CDs by copying them to Gold CD-R. I wrote about the folly of this service for [...]

Loudness Nirvana?

Thanks to a reader’s recommendation, I found my way to a paper about the concept of loudness normalization written by Florian Camerer. It’s from the later part of 2010 but provides a great deal of information [...]

Loudness and Normalization

This whole loudness war issue is still among the biggest issues confronting the music industry today. And it includes to impact those of us in the business making recordings, those offering services for those making and [...]

Copy Me Stupid!

It’s a special day today…it’s the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685), my favorite composer by far. There’s just something about the linear motion of his music, the counterpoint, and the fact that his [...]

The Loudness War Is Here To Stay!

Ian Shephard runs a website out of the UK called production advice. He’s a skilled mastering engineer and a strong voice in the anti-loudness effort that’s been growing over the past few years. He’s written articles [...]

Pure Fiction

The Redbook specification for Compact Discs doesn’t allow for any additional improvements to fidelity through any of the hocus pocus mentioned below. This is a product page taken right from the Elusive Disc sales website. You’re [...]

Taking It On Faith

I started this daily blog back in 2013 after reading many of the daily posts by my friend Paul McGown at PS Audio. I’ve known Paul and read with interest his daily thoughts. I don’t always [...]

Analog Thinking in a Digital World

Mechanical analog playback systems and signal routing are very dependent on machines with tight tolerances and signals that are protected from electrical degradation. Digital systems are fundamentally different. Think of a digital representation of an audio [...]

Mythbusters: CDs Optical Properties Affect The Sound?

I came across the following claim in an aging post about very expensive “$2000 glass CDs”. The author, a well-known audiophile writer, insists that the optical properties of a compact disc can affect the sound of [...]

Missing My 6th Marathon

Today is the 30th running of the Los Angeles Marathon. It would have been my 6th consecutive running of the “Stadium to the Sea” course from Dodger Stadium near downtown to the Santa Monica Pier…but I [...]