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Shoveling Something…But Not Snow!

I grew up in a suburb outside of Detroit. I can appreciate the cold temperatures and piles of snow that are displayed nightly on the national news. Poor Boston…storm after storm has been dumping the fluffy [...]

e-Onkyo Is Coming to the U.S.

Onkyo, the Japanese consumer electronics giant, was the first company to offer “high-resolution” audio downloads in Japan. They introduced e-Onkyo in 2005 (two years ahead of iTrax, the first high-res site in the US) as the [...]

PS Audio and Blue Coast Records Challenge…Huh?

The recent flurry of articles/product reviews that continue to dismiss high-resolution audio has prompted Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records and Paul McGowan of PS Audioto issue a couple of similar challenges. We all responded to [...]

Stereo, 5.1 and Immersive Recordings

I can’t find the FaceBook post right now, but Morten Lynberg and his Norway-based 2L record label continue to push their Auro3D 9.1 productions. The post described three different types of music production: stereo, 5.1 surround [...]

Reaching for the Stars

I’m still exploring speaker options for the AXPONA demo room that will happen in April (I just confirmed my payment for the space) and for a rigorous study of high-resolution audio here at the studio. The [...]

Promates and High-Rate PCM (DXD) Downloads

I bit the bullet yesterday and paid almost $50 to download the DaCapo recording of the New York Philharmonic performing Carl Nielsen’s symphonies No. 1 and No. 4. The cost of the high-rate 352.8/24 bit PCM [...]

Consumer Research Study: Part II

The study that I mentioned previously happened today. I packed up a bunch of donated equipment and headed to the other side of the San Diego Freeway to help set up and view a session or [...]

Highest Ever Quality Digital Music Format?

I have to give Peter Scheelke kudos for getting his new Promate site on the map…and his ability to generate some buzz among audiophiles. The news arrived in a Press Release, via several emails, an online [...]

A Guest Post About High Sample Rates

I received an email on the 13th from Fritz Fabig, an engineer at B&W that British high end speaker and equipment company. He wrote concerning the MQA posts I wrote and the general area of sampling, [...]

Can Consumers Tell?

Next Wednesday, I’m involved in a research project on high-resolution audio. I’ve managed to get myself more involved than I originally intended as the supplier of the source files, the audio engineer in charge of setting [...]