November, 2016

Pre-Emphasis: Part I

It was very busy Thanksgiving weekend at the Waldrep household. I’m ready to get back to the university and my normal schedule tomorrow. It’s always crazy with the traditional holiday feast but our family has the [...]

Sound Breaking BBC Series

The past week my local PBS station has been broadcasting an eight-episode series that explores the impact of the recording industry on modern culture. It’s called SoundBreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music and [...]

Better Records — Right Concept, Wrong Implementation

I’ve left the website open in my browser for the last several weeks with the intent to write a post about their approach to offering higher fidelity. You can check the site out for yourself [...]

Resolving High Resolution

Most of you know I’m not a believer in the sonic enhancements attributed to fancy, expensive cables. The simple fact remains that audiophiles love to argue and rant about this issue — usually from their own [...]

The New York Audio Show – November 4-6

The Chester Group is presenting the New York Audio Show this coming weekend at the Park Lane Hotel. Unfortunately, AIX Records is unable to participate in what will undoubtedly be the best audio show on the [...]