March, 2016

Robert Stuart Responds…Again!

Yesterday, I pulled a statement from a Q&A document prepared by Robert Stuart of MQA and Meridian. In response to my question about the applicability of MQA to high-resolution music and older standard-resolution formats like “analog [...]

Robert Stuart Responds: MQA and More!

For those of you that have been reading my posts for at least 9 months, you may remember that I wrote about a very nice lunch meeting that I had with Meridian and MQA head Robert [...]

LG G5 “HiFi Plus” Audio Module

LG is taking a modular approach to high-resolution with their new G5 and its modular B&O module. I read an announcement and review at Digital Trends written by Ryan Waniata who claims the new module is [...]

HD Vinyl LPs?

Maybe you’ve seen the article on about a technology that promises better quality LPs. According to the article, Rebeat has applied to European patents to protect a method that, “improves upon traditional lacquer cutting by [...]

Digital Recording As A Master Tape? Nope.

I’ve been focused on finishing and laying out the “Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Audio” as of late. I apologize for not getting more posts on this site. Bear with me for another [...]

Meeting Sir George Martin

The Beatles were a huge impact on my decision to learn how to play the guitar, study music, move to California, and pursue a career in the music business. Like tens of thousands of other young [...]

Live Music: Big Daddy 20 Years Later

As you might imagine, I’m spending a lot of time at the keyboard this days tapping out chapter after chapter of my Music and Audio book. My hope is to get is completed in time for [...]

Going Wireless For HRA

This morning I head about a new Kickstarter campaign that is offering a wireless transmitter and receiver (with amplifier option) that purports to go beyond the limitations of WiFi and Bluetooth. Their innovative approach is called [...]